Andrew Miller

January 17, 2023

Something that just happened to me

Mundane, perhaps, but I wanted to write it down as an example of how my mind works.

Setting: I'm making lunch, casserole in the oven, in 20 minutes I'll need to grate some cheese on top. In about an hour I'll make a pot of coffee, so I'm thinking that I'll wash out the french press. Here's the process:

1. I find the french press in my office, it's full of coffee grounds.
2. I take it to the sink and wash the lid. 
3. I take the french press to the trash, and the trash can is full - packed full, It's been full all morning and I've just been tamping it down. I put the french press down.
4. I take out the garbage bag, and collect miscellaneous bits of garbage around  the house as I bring it to the door.
5. I notice there's dirty dishes on the table, I grab them and go to the kitchen, making a metal note to wipe down the table.
6. I keep unloading the dishwasher, which I started earlier and forgot about, so I can load the dirty dishes from the table. I finish unloading and loading the dishwasher, and realize the dishwasher hasn't finished its previous cycle yet. I press cancel to end the cycle so I can start a new one. 
7. I look around. I'm going to have to make coffee soon, I need to clean out the french press. I bring it to the trash can.
8. I didn't replace the garbage can liner, I go get that and replace it.
9. The timer goes off for the casserole. I take it out of the oven, now I need to grate cheese on it.
10. There are two different bags of cheese blocks in the fridge, I consolidate them.
11. I loaded the cheese grater into the dishwasher, I take it out and wash it.
12. I grate the cheese, and let the casserole sit.
13. Next to the casserole is the french press, I need to empty that out.
14. My daughter has a picture to show me.
15. Finally I empty the coffee grounds out.
 16. I think through the dizzying spins I took, and figure I ought to write them down, for posterity. I go to write them down using my email client.
17. There's an email that should be read.
18. Halfway through writing this, I realize the dishwasher isn't running. I start it.
19. That casserole's probably sat long enough, better get lunch on the table.
21. I haven't wiped down the table yet.