Andy Peters

March 9, 2021

Hey World?

I have a website and blog.  

For years though I’ve tried to write blog posts there; even a few times a year and it just never happened.  Nothing to write about?  Maybe.  Imposter syndrome?  Definitely.  Too much friction and it is more work to me to post there?  Correct.  Post something quickly to Twitter?  Maybe, but so much gets lost there.

A few weeks ago HEY World was announced. I have a HEY Account so why not use this? Opening HEY and sending an email to world sounds easy and fitting for wanting to share Doorkeep progress more often.

So I’m giving it a try.  I hope HEY World removes the gotta go post this thing to my blog process friction and me writing more.  Either this post will be buried in a many posts here or be laughed at in a few years among other failed attempts at writing more frequently. At least I tried. Damn there is that imposter syndrome again.