March 29, 2022


Once I was talking with my brother Julio in IRC about my strange obsession with 47:

(XChat2 -> offsFX: Listening some NOFX in Amarok)
(XChat2 -> _AJ_: Listening some Linking Park in Rhythmbox)

[00:40:03] <_AJ_>: Sometimes I have this strange feeling. Like how there's 47s everywhere. Like if it's chasing me. =x
[00:40:26] <offsFX>: What do you mean? Do you believe that 47 appears often than other numbers? =p 
[01:22:11] <_AJ_>: Yes. I know that's not true, that maybe I'm just trying to bend the truth.
[01:22:46] <_AJ_>: probably I'm chasing the number myself by some reason I don't understand yet.
[01:23:11] <_AJ_>: but it feels like it's true. =x
[05:56:43] <offsFX>: Well, 47? My girl have something with 52 because it looks like a heart. 42 is also a cool number. But 47? ;D
[09:03:56] <offsFX>: I've wrote a program in C for showing the probability of 47 over other numbers in a big list. lol
*offsFX* XDCC send #1
[09:07:01] <offsFX>: You see, the same! ¬¬"
[09:27:59] <_AJ_>: I believe that. But I don't know, printf("%.2f") some random number ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[09:29:00] <offsFX>: "0.47". What? I'm not crazy! =O
[09:29:02] <_AJ_>: =OOO

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