March 29, 2022


Once I was talking with my brother Julio in IRC about my strange obsession with 47: (XChat2 -> offsFX: Listening some NOFX in Amarok) (XChat2 -> _AJ_: Listening some Linking Park in Rhythmbox) [00:40:03] <_AJ_>: Sometimes I have this strange feeling. Like how there's 47s everywhere. Like if it's chasing me. =x [00:40:26] <offsFX>: What...
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December 8, 2021

Does GitHub Copilot can write a good Joke?

# Maybe a machine can learn to make jokes. # First, this in AI assisted write. A real human chosed the answers, but the AI did most of the job. # Second, this is a good example of how to use the AI. # I need to start everyline with a comment mark to make the AI start suggesting the writing for me. # For making a joke, I need to teach t...
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March 24, 2021


Uma palavra do autor Também conhecido como bolsa de ar, almofada de ar ou erbegue, este blog é um componente de proteção que eu, Ayrton, uso com o intuito de errar rápido e com segurança.
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