December 8, 2021

Does GitHub Copilot can write a good Joke?

# Maybe a machine can learn to make jokes.
# First, this in AI assisted write. A real human chosed the answers, but the AI did most of the job.
# Second, this is a good example of how to use the AI.
# I need to start everyline with a comment mark to make the AI start suggesting the writing for me.
# For making a joke, I need to teach the machine the structure of a joke.
# A joke is a story that is funny.
# A joke starts with a setup and ends with a punchline.
# A setup is a part of the story that is not funny yet.
# A punchline is a part of the story that is funny.
# The punchline is the answer to the setup.
# This a perfect binomial distribution.
# This is an example of setup:
# "What do you call a dog that does magic tricks?"
# This is an example of punchline:
# "A labrador puppy!"
# Machines has strange sense of humor.

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