Brian Austin

November 18, 2022


What the heck.. is this thing on? 

I found HEY World through David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried's posts.  I signed up for a free trial of email client and was instantly hooked. 24 hours later I plunked down $99 and haven't looked back

Wait, you PAY for email?

I have for a very long time. I believe that services that are useful are worth paying for. There is no free lunch, and email nor social media violate this maxim. I pay for several, but is by far the most useful.

What will you post here?

A mix of topics. I dabble in information and find the attraction of emailing my thoughts to a blog appealing. I will continue to post longer more structured content to my other sites, but the operational overhead of a JAMStack site restrictive to the creative flow of ideas.

So what then?

Click subscribe if you want to come along; or subscribe to the RSS feed if it's your cup of tea. I'll drop a link to some of the gems on other social media accounts, but I make no promise of consistency.

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