Michael Schechter

June 20, 2023

Behind BOSS: How We Are Launching BOSS Connect

One of the greatest joys (and occasional frustrations) of software is that it’s constantly evolving. At a minimum, technical teams ensure that current offerings continue to work as other technologies evolve. At maximum, teams of dedicated engineers, developers, and designers work to bring new ideas to life. 

When working on something new, there’s no shortage of debates, false starts and best of all, accidental discoveries. Every now and again, you hit on something special, something that resonates when you first take the risk of showing it outside of your team, something that you cannot wait to release out into the world.

At BOSS Logics, our mission is to connect the jewelry industry and jewelry customers through technology. And our first retailer-focused offering, BOSS Connect, started as an accidental discovery, but we see it as a big step toward that ambition. 

We are getting ready to release an omnichannel experience that will change the way you send customers from your website to your store. It shares more of your customer’s digital journey with you and your team before they ever walk in your door. Even though it’s built on the same framework that powers our current BOSS Logics Live offering, it’s something entirely new. And, to be shameless for a moment, you can sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo to see it now.

When releasing new software, you need to be intentional. You have to consider the challenges you’re looking to solve, craft an initial solution, and consider the best way to share it with those you seek to help. In the case of BOSS Connect, we wanted to improve two key aspects of how jewelry retailers send traffic from their sites to their stores:

  • Inconsistent Experience - Most retailers are using existing tools like Calendly or Typeform without deeply integrating them into their sites. They’re often implemented without sufficient expertise to create a seamless customer experience. 
  • Limited Insights - These tools do a serviceable job, but they don’t tell you anything meaningful about the customer beyond basic contact information. Our team saw an opportunity to share more of each customer’s digital journey with you and your team.

Over the past few months, we built what’s known as an MVP (a minimum viable product). An MVP is made with the minimum features necessary to solve these challenges while leaving enough space to gather feedback and glean insights for future development. We started by sharing our initial MVP with a few customers and collaborators to get early feedback and have used that early guidance to improve our initial offering. We then previewed our work to a broader group of retailers at JCK, and the response… well, it was everything we hoped it would be and more. 

Thanks to a lot of hard work from the team, we are ready to introduce a publicly available version of BOSS Connect. To ensure a successful rollout, we are taking two additional steps:

  • Extended Preview - Traditionally, we would offer a one-month trial to give a retailer time to set themselves up and test to ensure it’s a fit. Since this is a new offering, we are extending this period out to three months for anyone who signs up by June 30th.
  • Staged Rollout - Rather than putting all of the features out at once, we are going to be releasing functionality periodically during the extended preview. This way, jewelers can test them one at a time while giving us early feedback. This will start with product inquiries by the end of June and appointment scheduling in July.

We are proud of BOSS Connect. By signing up, you continue to support a team that is dedicated to digital innovation for local and regional jewelers, something that is sorely lacking in our industry. Our team is committed to making this new offering the best experience for retailers looking to drive leads from their website to their store. And our best-in-class customer success team is here to guide you every step of the way.

If you can’t tell, I’m excited by what the team has created. And I think you will be too. I hope you sign up to be a part of our early preview or schedule time to meet with our team to take a look. 


Sponsored by BOSS Logics: Discover BOSS Connect, a seamless way for fine jewelry retailers to increase appointment bookings, reduce missed appointments and create a better omni-channel experience. Sign up for our early preview by June 30th and get your first three months free.

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