Chris Hollander

April 15, 2021

Cover Art, now in Email?

Hey just introduced Cover Art, which let's you... literally cover your inbox with a picture.  I'm trying it out.  It... works?  like, technically, it works.  I now see a nice piece of macro photography which I've taken, covering up my 'Previously Seen' emails.  This feels like someone lost a bet, or someone listened to someone else on a podcast complaining about something, and literally built this feature out of spite.  I don't know why this feature actually exists.  Like, this is literally the last way that any one could have wanted this problem solved, but here we are.

Again, nobody asked for this.  I don't think I want this.  I think this will simply make me not like this image, or not ever look at my seen email... which they could have just hidden or moved into it's own list, which is what people actually asked for.

Maybe i'll love this... but it kinda feels like its a poke in the eye.  is there a name for passive aggressive feature development?