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April 7, 2023

Portico Darwin: And The Survey Says!


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Return with me now to the halcyon days of the original Family Feud, with the British charmer and French kiss advocate Richard Dawson at the helm.   

Because it is he that immortalized the words "And the survey says!" and isn't that just perfect for today's big reveal of the results from the first-ever Portico Darwin Blog Reader's Survey?

As you'll recall, I asked my growing subscriber base to complete a no-holds-barred, take-the-gloves off survey, on their opinion of my writing or whatever it is you call this.  It consisted of 4 questions which required a response; there was also an optional box for leaving comments.

First, some raw data.  I am proud to now count 44 people among THE UNWASHED MASSES.  Of those, an astonishing 14 completed the survey, for a response rate of over 30%.  Thank you very much to those that participated.

Because the results?  Well, let's just say there was plenty of love and a little bit of not so much. 
Screenshot 2023-04-02 082754.png

Bogus0 votes (0%)
2 votes (15%)
9 votes (65%)
Diamond Certified:
 3 votes (20%)

Screenshot 2023-04-02 082828.png
Bogus:  1 vote (7%)
5 votes (36%)
7 votes (50%)
Diamond Certified:
 1 vote (7%)


Bogus:  0 votes (0%)
6 votes (43%)
7 votes (50%)
Diamond Certified:
 1 vote (7%)

Bogus:  2 votes (15%)
2 votes (15%)
5 votes (35%)
Diamond Certified:
 5 vote (35%)

Here is a summary.

  • 85% rate the blog overall as Killer or better
  • Its length is not as popular (8 Killer or better, but 6 Serviceable or worse)
  • Feelings on the frequency by which I send this masterwork are basically the same as its length:  kind of split down the middle, 8 to 6
  • 70% deem the topics covered as Killer or better, and it's split:  half feel the topics are Diamond Certified - (those must be my extreme radical left Democrat Socialist coastal elite liberal pals)

And then I asked for any comments.  Boy, did I get comments.  Mostly very nice . . . and then there were the others.  They are all here and each begins with the respondent's overall rating.
Killer:  I enjoy the blog a lot, especially travel stories, any local San Francisco stories, work and retirement stories and what’s going on with you and Julie in general.  Less keen on non-local current events/opinions but still read them and appreciate the thoughtfulness.  

Today’s piece about the VC guy in your building is great - in my experience this persona also spills Philz in the lobby and doesn’t clean it up, and fills the recycling bin with delivery packaging. 

Killer:  Solid overall. Some well-researched topics. 

Killer:  Less long rants, less about politics, otherwise entertaining and observant   Keep going!

Diamond Certified:  I love what you write about when I read your blog.  I don't read every blog, however due to my volunteer commitments, travel, and living my own life in general.  I am most likely to read your travel reviews.  I would more likely read all of your blogs if they were published weekly and remained about the same length.  

(But) I say publish as much and as often as you choose. Your blog is optional reading for your subscribers. 

Killer:  I subscribe to several newsletters. I read yours. After a while, I delete most of the others. 

Serviceable:  The blog dramatically improved when you pivoted from banging on and on and on about politics.  Nobody wants to hear yours or anyone else's political views and opinions.  Yes, Trump is fucking NUTS and most to all politicians SUCK.  

Equally and along the same lines, don't need to be bestowing your wisdom on getting another booster.  Great, this is YOUR choice, especially when you get Covid and brag about getting another booster.  If the booster worked, you would not get Covid.  

Keeping the blog light, fun, enlightening and sharing your wisdom and opinions on all things away from politics and vaccines has made it a fun and easy read.  When writing, put yourself in other peoples shoes and make it less about narcissism and more about having your writings making people think, laugh, learn and be curious.  

(Editor's note:  I don't believe what this reader says regarding boosters is accurate:  they are intended to prevent serious illness from COVID, not stop you from getting it altogether.  But I'm probably just banging on and on and on and bestowing my wisdom?)

Killer:  I love this blog.  It is not perfect but it is always interesting and one my favorite info sources.  I would definitely notice if there was not an entry each MWF and I would be very sad if it disappeared. 

Diamond Certified:  I like the variety of topics. I like the length.  Somewhere between once and twice per week might be the frequency sweet spot. 

Serviceable:  Much, much better since you ended the political hate rants.

Fun Fact:  one survey respondent (who did not comment) deemed the blog overall as Killer, but its topics Bogus. 

Now that's polarization.


A special shout-out to Lara Mohair - she's a new-ish reader who completed the survey and signed her (real) name to it, and her kind comments.  We go way, way back:  some day we'll get Lara to give us her take on Genstar, Sea Containers, and the GESeaco joint venture.  It could be a movie, or at least a bad one. 

I can say I enjoyed it - this is Julie and me at The Henley Royal Regatta outside of London in June of 1998.

There are juicy details buried deep in here for those that are interested. 

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter. 


To those paying (very) close attention, yes, I skipped last Friday in terms of rolling out another big playlist.  I was busy working on (and using) this next one, available now at TIDAL and Spotify.  
This one is quite diverse, and guess when it's for?  I do think it sets a fine tone for all kinds of at-home activities - nefarious and otherwise.

There's a searchable/sortable list of its contents here - this one has 229 tracks and lasts over 17 hours, although our parties rarely go for more than 15 nowadays . . .

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