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July 8, 2024

Portico Darwin: Biggest Selling Limey Musicians



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Happy Monday, and I hope you enjoyed the quasi long weekend. 

Reconnecting with my British friend and former colleague Randy Smee has been great and it has stirred once again the Anglophile in me.  And audiophile, as you'll see.  So you can thank Randy for inspiring today's largely Darwin-free blog.

Well, that and our recent celebration of the 248 years since we sent Randy's ancestors packing back to their small islands in the North Atlantic. 
And of course, there was the UK's election last Thursday, which returned Labour to power after 14 years in the wilderness.  Congratulations to Sir Keir Starmer (shown here with his wife Victoria) and maybe this is a harbinger of good things to come for us here in the Colonies.

All this English stuff reminded me of something I discovered on Wikipedia a few months ago.  I found this list - cleverly named the List of Biggest-Selling British Music Artists - fascinating, and I am hoping others might, too.

Preview:  Cliff Richard?  Who knew?

And it allowed me to find some fun photos.   




Many thanks to the hundreds of readers one single reader apparently enjoying Maybe It Was Destiny.

No matter - as with George Costanza and his smoking:  "I can't stop now."

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


Sure, the Brits have had some OK bands and musicians, and they've sold a few records.  But I say Beatles Schmeatles and let's fly the flag for the good ol' US of A.   

Here are The Allman Brothers and my Diamond Certified collection of their best live recordings.

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