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March 12, 2021

Portico Darwin: Book Suggestion

Housekeeping:  I've added headers because I'm OCD!  There's today's post, feedback from subscribers, and the music section ("KLUF" is another outcropping of my vivid [drug- and alcohol-addled?] imagination).   Thank you for reading.

Those that know me know that I like to push books on my friends - like all of the time.  So isn't it great that I now have a forum to suggest books?!

10 seconds of seriousness:  this one is a real must for everyone.  It is by Kim Stanley Robinson, and the book is called "The Ministry For The Future".  It's a fact-based novel set 20 - 50 years in the future - a future where we didn't pay attention to climate change until there were several "mass extinction events".  Fun stuff like 30 million dying in India during a new type of heat wave (wet bulb temperature = 35 degrees Celsius), the entire LA basin being washed away due to a new type of atmospheric river storm, etc. etc. 

Besides being educational and a page-turner, what's wonderful about this book is that it is optimistic and actually describes many plausible solutions to slowing and then stopping climate change.  No kidding - the disasters actually shake the world to such an extent that <we actually change our behaviors as a species>.   Go ahead and pick up a copy - it is truly Killer.  And a note to my right-leaning friends:  it's politically neutral, assuming you accept that climate change is real and an existential threat.  But of course, you do, don't you?

OK - congrats on making it this far.  You can look forward to Portico Darwin dispatches for the next two weeks from the amazing Adirondack Park in the northern part of New York state.  I'll be roughing it in the brutal winter weather, fighting the elements night after night, so stay tuned.  Added bonus:  flying in and out of my hometown, the meat packing plant HQ and NY state capital, Albany.   There's even romantic intrigue:  on my last night, I'm having drinks with my college sweetheart and first love, Sadie Borger.   I believe it'll be 34 years since we've last spoken OMFG.

A special shout-out to my buddy Byron - he was the very first invitee to reply to any blog post.  In his comment, he brilliantly observed that my blog will be a great platform for The Airing of Grievances when Festivus comes around!  YOU'RE GODDAMNED RIGHT IT WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then - from the famous intellectual, adequate golfer, and childhood friend Steve Simon, with regard to my using my high school senior yearbook photo caption ("Plans to Enjoy Life") as the name of this blog:   "Was really impressed when I saw it.  Absolutely perfect for the blog and the reference to your quote from 40 years ago is brilliant."  Oh, say more!  Steve was always a great judge of talent!

Not to be a name-dropper, but there's this from my first cousin, Cyd Pepfog, the renowned artist and renaissance man:  "Jolly good show!"  Remember:  my family's British . . .

But the highlight was easily this comment, from recovering Trump addict, mountain man bad-ass, and beloved cousin Bulleit Bob:  "Up here in Tupper we have a log that lumber is made from, and we have a bong that helps us live in Tupper, but what the hell is a Blog???"  Pure gold, Bulliet Bob . . .

Keep those cards and letters coming!

Music for climate change?  Let's try Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic - you know, because of the lyrics in "Uncle Salty"!

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