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July 10, 2023

Portico Darwin: For Going Outdoors


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Happy Monday. 

Let's put it this way:  where I am and what I am doing is the polar opposite of going outdoors to a picnic or festival.  Because you can't really go outside:  I'm in Houston and it's July 10.

I'm staying at the rapidly-emptying Murphy Villa, yet spending a lot of time at the new-to-Shelly and incredibly refreshed 5,000 square foot, 24th floor condo.  It's in the occasionally walkable - it's a hundred in temp and humidity now - yet always swank Post Oak district.

So why not look at two must-haves with zero utility in Houston (at least in summer)?  As always, although I completely advocate and recommend these products, these links are clean:  there's no gross affiliate BS here. 

Just strong opinions about two products you might not be familiar with.

The Best Small Chair in The World
If, like us, you attend events or visit places where a small, light, low, and of course comfy chair would be handy.  Well, here it is, and wow is this thing Diamond Certified.

Grand Trunk Mayfly Chair

You see, the chair folds up into essentially nothing; here's a shot of my set-up for The Fillmore Street Jazz Festival over the 4th of July weekend.  My backpack in the center is about 12" tall, and the Mayfly Chair is on the right in its bag. 

This thing is the foundation of a portable command center for the great outdoors - believe me.

How a Woman Can Piss Tinkle Like a Man
Offended?  Well, sorry, but you may want to read my rants brilliant prose about The Psycho Woke.  Sorry, but an undeniable strength of being male are the rather . . . flexible . . . options for urinating. 

So I have been wrong all of these years saying the only advantage men have over women is physical strength.  Being able to tuck away and pee unnoticed is uniquely male, and OMFG is it wonderful.  Frankly, when you factor in the giving birth thing and the breast feeding, I would not be tough enough to be a woman.

But I digress.  I present to you The Freshette.  This would seem to balance the scales for men and women in the great outdoors.

Laughing?  Appalled?  Well, my better half has been a proud owner for 10+ years, and let's put it this way:  she doesn't go camping without it.  Heck, I've seen it on long day hikes . . . 


I knew the derision from Hunter Deuce regarding my idea for re-purposing the US Postal Service was misguided.  That was confirmed by the wise Lauren Ryder.   

Thought of your blog /idea when I read this today . . .

I guess we can call Hunter when the usage of first-class mail goes to zero?

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


Here - and featuring "The Outdoor Type" - is an album I put on my all-time list.  This is The Lemonheads and Car Button Cloth.  If you doubt my ranking, I encourage a listen, ASAP.

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