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July 1, 2022

Portico Darwin: From Russia With Love


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Happy weekend.  I guess I should say happy 4th of July weekend, but I'm just not in the mood, at least not yet.

To wit:  an illegitimate and corrupted Supreme Court gutting our country, now including our efforts to tackle the only problem that really matters, climate change.  One-half of our political system completely off of the rails in a delusional fever dream of autocracy and guns.  And yes, a former sitting President at the center of a seditionist conspiracy to overthrow our country, with who knows how many members of Congress complicit or worse.

So there will be no bunting or fireworks or songs or flags for me this weekend. 

Instead of the standard dogma, may I suggest another movie?  It is a Diamond Certified classic from 1962, and it's called "The Manchurian Candidate".  You can stream it for free, via the Internet Archive, right here:

The Manchurian Candidate : John Frankenheimer : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


If you've never seen it, it is the riveting tale of a long-term plan by Russia and other communist states to infiltrate the highest levels of the US government.  In fact, they come very close to installing, as US President, a slimy cretin who is in direct cahoots with the Commie Bastards to undermine American democracy.

Silly premise, I know.   



Remember, a lot more of what has transpired makes sense if it is true that Trump has somehow been compromised by Putin and thus did his bidding while in office (and afterwards, no doubt).  Russia (and China) want nothing more than Americans being at each other's throats, and at those of our allies.  That Trump did a bang-up job on that, there can be no argument.   

But let me be clear:  I am not a conspiracy theorist.  But was/is Trump smart enough to have done this much damage to our country in so relatively short a time - by himself?  No.

You know, I hate wrapping on such a sour note for a long weekend. 


And this, too!  Something to consider at your next visit to a filling station.  Or as you ponder the mid-term elections.


Stay safe and have fun.

For some historical context, here is an interview from this past Wednesday, with Alexander Keyssar, who is the Matthew W. Stirling Jr. Professor of History and Social Policy at Harvard Kennedy School.

If you are looking for a sober and rational analysis, here it is.

Should Trump Be Charged in Capitol Attack?

He's no Dinesh D'Souza, but still. 

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.

Oh, OK, let's be a teensy bit dogmatic.  Here is a playlist containing what are considered Frank Sinatra's best albums.  So it is not a greatest hits collection, but something a bit more substantial and real.  One could say Textbook


Jeez, I may play this all weekend.


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