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July 25, 2022

Portico Darwin: GQ Edition

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"Oh, Portico - your recent blog posts have been so heavy.  So political.  Can we turn down the doom and have something fluffy and fun?"

No problem.   But you asked for it.

As you may know already, I've pretty much shelved my quest for relevance and have really leaned in to retirement.  (OMFG, I LOATHE the term "lean in", but no matter.)

And I bet many (OK, none) of you wonder:  what does today's modern retiree wear, whilst lounging around waiting for happy hour to start?

Wonder no more.  Because today, I bring you into the (cedar-lined, of course) Portico Darwin closet and share the Diamond Certified loungewear that I myself wear. 

Believe it:  I live this.

But a disclaimer:  it is winter (A.K.A. to outsiders as June-July-August) in SF right now.  Cold, howling winds and a persistent fog combine to make a space heater - and cozy clothes - de rigueur.  So I get that our climate is a bit cooler than most, but it probably gets cold at some point wherever you are reading this.  Plus, I do have a lighter top in the collection, and even point you towards some shorts.  

And as always:  these aren't commissioned links.  I share because . . . I care.  (Note to reader:  I, too, just threw up a little bit in my mouth.)

Let's start with some lounging inspiration.

Ah, the foundation of any sloth wardrobe.  They gotta be comfy, they gotta fit, and they gotta last.  While you can burn plenty of $, there's no need to.  After splurging on a couple of pairs of $135 Ralph Lauren black sweats, I did my own research (LOL) and found these.  Let me be clear, these are every bit as good as the thoroughbred brand, no matter what Ol' Purple Label might say.  Especially for $30 - which is why they're occasionally out of stock.

Uniqlo Men's Sweatpants

These have a rear and two side pockets, and the terrycloth-like lining is very well done.  And did I mention they're $30?  I love mine and doubt I'll buy anything else for quite a while.

Tops - Cold Weather
I get gooey anytime this brand comes up.  That's because, for the better part of 16 years of my life, I wore nothing but Carhartt work pants and Carhartt  work shirts.  Period.  Don't believe me?


But do you know what I've learned since leaving all that glamour behind?  That Carhartt doesn't just make great work clothes (which they do), they make great clothes, full stop. 

As evidence, I give you my daily driver, their $50 Force Relaxed Fit Midweight Quarter-Zip Mock-Neck Sweatshirt.  Whew!  But no matter -  they're so soft and supremely comfortable, you'll soon forget the lingual gymnastics. 

Carhartt Force Relaxed Fit Midweight Quarter-Zip Mock-Neck Sweatshirt

Plus, they're decent-enough looking you can wear it away from the sofa.  The kicker?  Being Carhartt, these will last for the better part of your lifetime.

(P.S. More Carhartt suggestions?  For shorts, I basically wear nothing else but their Men's Canvas Work Short.  In fact, I'm wearing them in the photo below.)

Tops - Hot Weather
I also live in these, especially in warm weather.  But also most every other day, too, since they are my first layer on my daily hikes.  Like Carhartt, these have proven to be indestructible and OMG are they light and also like not having on anything at all.  Another real bargain at $30.

Nike Men's Dri-Fit Long-Sleeve Training T-Shirt

Here's one, caught in the wild.  Or is that on the wild?


I'm typically barefoot (although not pregnant) at home, but one does need something covering their feet when accepting the BevMo and Goldbelly deliveries.  OK, maybe they're a cliché at this point, but no matter; I've worn them for years, of course in black.

Scuff Slipper | UGG


OK, you have all of the info you need - so what are you waiting for?  Now go out there, and lay around!

It's a shocker, I know, but Hunter Deuce really came through with this one.

This is a *Chef's Kiss* response to that Economist article about Dem's appealing to the center (satire, obviously):

Democrat's and the Working Class

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.

This is an album Arthur likes more than I, yet today, it is a must.  Here is Cake and their snarky "Fashion Nugget".

Happy Monday, everyone - try to go The Distance.


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