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January 8, 2024

Portico Darwin: I Love This Solution For Democrats


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Happy Monday and I wish I could say I came up with the idea presented in today's post.

While I joined many a long time ago and urged Joe Biden to announce he would not run in 2024, he's chosen the opposite path.  What, he didn't read my writing on the subject?

Accordingly, he's now put the Democrats in a very bad position.  Biden is letting his ego get in the way of the reality of his age.  By doing so, he is giving Trump a chance in this year's election where he should have absolutely none.

Is there any way out?  Is it going to be another nail-biter election, where we're given the choice between two old white men in their 80s, with one being a national disgrace?

Well, the Republicans could solve the problem for all of us, and nominate Nikki Haley as their candidate for President.

If that were to happen, and she was running against Biden, I am confident she'd win in a landslide.  It's quite amazing the Republicans don't see that, and put Trump where he belongs:  In the dustbin of history. 

Or Leavenworth.

But we know that's not going to happen, and as above, it doesn't look like Papa Joe's going anywhere.  So we're fucked?

No, not if the Democrats were to do what The Economist suggests in this article.

And it wouldn't even take all Democrats; it would take only one.

Given Biden's intransigency, The Economist posits Kamala Harris needs to remove herself from the ticket.  Yes, and sadly:  We again need a person of color to be the adult in the room.

Couple that with President Biden indicating his VP is going to be a full partner in his next administration, have the VP candidate be palatable to non-MAGA Republicans, and the Dems have a shot at a landslide of their own. 

The concept is from The Economist, but here are my thoughts on the subject.

  • If she did drop out, Vice President Harris must then vigorously support in the Black and Asian communities whomever Biden (really, the Democratic party leadership) selects as her replacement.  I know it's a lot to ask, but this whole thing tanks if women and especially African and Asian Americans don't think she's sincerely onboard.

  • Biden could also indicate he'll appoint Harris Attorney General in his second term - a role for which she's perfectly suited.  And I'm not sure it's even a demotion?  Sorry, Merrick Garland . . . 

  • While it should be the best person, whomever that is, Biden will probably pick another woman, were Harris to withdraw.  Maybe even another woman of color.  I think the latter would especially be a mistake, because the pandering and cynicism would be obvious to even low-information voters.

  • It's also Psycho Woke, and has the disadvantage of shooing away the borderline racists who might vote for a white woman for vice president.

  • But that's how the Democrats keep fucking this up - given their overall alignment on issues with most Americans, they should win every Presidential election.  But by appealing to the Psycho Woke, they alienate centrist Republicans.

  • So instead, to replace the talented-but-misassigned Kamala, I propose:
    • Governor Gretchen Whitmer; or
    • Senator Amy Klobuchar; or to completely rock everybody's world:
    • Mark Cuban

OK, I know this belongs with Mr. Roarke and Tattoo on Fantasy Island.

But if Biden could somehow convince Cuban to join him, together they might blow away Trump or even Haley in the election.  The steady and experienced hand of Biden, coupled with Cuban's myriad business skills would be formidable.  And Mark could get himself up to speed on the workings of government as VP, and then have a great shot at the big chair in 2028.

I also believe Mark Cuban would be the most effective vice president the country's ever had - his executive ability speaks for itself.   And Cuban succeeding Biden as president were the latter to die in office is not scary to some people the way it is imagining Kamala Harris doing the same.

Again - I know I'm dreaming and oh the howls of protest we'd hear from The Psycho Woke if Joe dumped a woman of color for a rich older white man.  I get it and even if Harris happily stepped aside and Cuban begged Biden to join the ticket, it still almost certainly will not happen.  

But it is now too late for Biden to drop out; other candidates could not be placed on some state ballots in time.  Harris bailing is really the only way for the Democrats to energize a ticket that needs more than Geritol for Papa Joe.


This is disgusting, yet perfect in response to my Do's and (Really) Do Not's post.  Thank you, Lara Mohair.

Do:  Change child’s diaper in the restroom 
Don’t:  Change child’s diaper tableside, on the bench seating in Peets Coffee on Chestnut Street! 

Seen just last week and still appalled… 

I'd love to hear from any parent reading this as to why the above could ever be okay?

Let's not start the week on such a shitty note.  Sorry, that was too easy.

But don't miss this completely gonzo surfing footage shot recently at nearby Mavericks.  This looks easy.

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Reflecting the overall situation perfectly and also appropriately featuring "Help the Aged," here is a Diamond Certified favorite of mine (and Julie's):  Pulp and their awesome This is Hardcore.

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