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January 29, 2024

Portico Darwin: KLUF - The Complete Library



1 Minute Read plus Ungodly Hours of Listening

Happy Monday and let's jam:  the Niners are going to the Super Bowl. 

But I won't even try to pretend:  This is a self-indulgent, narcissistic clusterfuck of a blog post.

But is it really?  Why is having (a lot of) the world's finest music in one spot not useful? 
Either way, what follows are all of the KLUF playlists to date, in alphabetical order. 

You are so very, very welcome. 

Some context:  I created many of these for our month-long stay in Palm Springs during the summer of 2020.  With the pandemic, there was nowhere to go but poolside, and I needed something to listen to whilst guzzling Weissβier. 

10 Seconds of Seriousness:  Many of these were carefully researched.

(It's not my preference, or even the service I use, but the links are all to Spotify, A.K.A. the lowest common denominator.)

KLUF:  60
A party mix; oh, fuck it:  the party mix.

KLUF:  Ambient
Put the music in the background.

KLUF:  Cabo Pulmo

KLUF:  Classic Rock
Listen to what 119 hours of Textbook sounds like.

KLUF:  Entertaining
Coastal elite.

KLUF:  Harder Rock
Hey:  you ever been to Albany, punk?  Or in an attic or crawlspace?

KLUF:  Modern Rock
It's whatever I say it is.

KLUF:  Pool Party
Mellow go-time.

KLUF:  Rock Albums
As I've mentioned before, these are not necessarily the best (although Pet Sounds is indeed here), but rather are albums that, to this listener, are a cut above.  And of course, Diamond Certified.

KLUF:  SoCal
Another reason to hate love LA.

KLUF:  Ultra Chill
Now departing for Formentera.

Did you make it this far?  Good, because I am adding more.


KLUF:  Classical
Virtue signaling?  No.

KLUF:  Grateful Dead
And I have studied under the masters, including Arthur and André Aurich.  This playlist consists of what are considered their most singular shows.  Yes, that is saying something, and I'd love to hear from Arthur, André, or any other current or former Deadhead (offer not valid in North Carolina) if I've missed something obvious. 

KLUF:  Jazz Guitar
Not jazz.  Jazz guitar. 

KLUF:  Miles Davis
Miles Davis is America's greatest contribution to music; I offer these 7 albums as evidence.

There you have it:  50+ years of music fanaticism, obsession, compulsion, and anal retentiveness captured in 15 playlists consisting of 6,163 tracks.  They will take 20 days, 6 hours, 29 minutes, and 42 seconds to hear if you get started right now.

My apologies if you found this all a bit much, but music is my passion. 

What's yours?


Their beautiful wedding invitation to us was hand-delivered, and that wasn't even the best part.  No, we were so very flattered our close friends and neighbors Laura Gonzalez and Andrew Whistler have invited us to their rehearsal dinner, too.  At Perry's on Union Street, which I have visited once or twice.

So, yes, I think Julie and I can make it.  And maybe even Mr. Butler will be there.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


I think you've got enough to tide you over until Wednesday.

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