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June 30, 2023

Portico Darwin: Let's Play Smart? Corrupt? Both? Neither?


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FFS, even I need a break from that lottery thing!   So in honor of America and its 247th birthday Tuesday, let's look at some recent presidents, in an admittedly narrow light.  In relative terms, were they smart and/or corrupt?  Or none of the above? 

Full disclosure:  I stole this concept nearly in its entirety from a recent podcast by Scott Galloway, although the ratings and the rest are mine.  Hey, it took a lot of out of me writing those lottery stories . . .

I present to you my assessment of the intelligence and sliminess of every president, from JFK onward.  And with pithy comments - a shocker, I know.

Does one president stand out, when considered in this regard? 

Yes, there is a president unique in our recent history:  unique because he was and is corrupt only.

Indeed, a president that is smart only, or neither smart nor corrupt, is relatively harmless (although I do struggle to label Reagan and Bush II as "harmless").  The smart ones may even do some good, if the stars align.  Conversely, those smart and corrupt know when to get out.  Johnson was bright enough to see his web of lies about Vietnam had been exposed and thus not run again, and Nixon knew it was resign or face prison.

Donald J. Trump is not smart.  He is only corrupt.  His only ability is fooling the impressionable, and at that, he's Albert fucking Einstein.

I bet this shit almost makes you miss the Lottery Winner posts?  Don't worry:  there's a real bomb bombshell coming Monday, which will mercifully end the series, with a nod to an Independence Day.  Of sorts.


Folks, it was big hearing from Lara Mohair.  Not just because she was generous in her praise of my seemingly endless Lottery Winner series, but also since she was actually an onsite observer of WestConnect:  as an employee of General Electric at the time, Lara was our client.

The lottery posts have been among my favorites!  That picture of you, Pleather, and Peet is so cute!  Do you remember what restaurant it is?  Maybe Palio, by the old Montgomery Street office?  Say hi to Julie! 

Great question, but as I replied to Lara, I think it was an Italian place in the Rockridge district of Oakland. 

And speaking of the old Montgomery Street office, I sure hope Lara will read this blog post, sent well before I think she was a subscriber.  It tells the story of how the developer of 505 Montgomery ended up a client of mine!

Portico Darwin: Building Blocks

The praise for Lottery Winner kept pouring dribbling in.  Next, it was Baron Belgium's plaything, and our niece, Nicki Vale.

I think this may be in my 5 top favorite posts!  What a great way to reflect on how things fell into place and each roadblock (major or minor, good or bad) had such an impact later in life. 

Thinking about my own “winning the lottery” story now.  Each time I thought life had truly knocked me down, it led to where I am today.

10 Seconds of Seriousness:  I sincerely appreciate the kind words, Lara and Nicki!

But after you see Monday's post, you both may want to issue retractions . . .

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


This Killer album from 2003 comes completely out of nowhere.  Of course it does, as it is via Hunter Deuce.  Jeez, it's almost like he has taste in music.  Here is an artist and album unknown/unplayed on KLUF, demonstrating the limits of this station's omnipotence (!). 

This is Tommy Guerrero and Soul Food Taqueria

Thank you, Hunter and this just seems right for the 4th?

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