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November 7, 2022

Portico Darwin: Like Taxes


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OK - I am sorry to start the week with such a dark subject. 

But as you know, I occasionally share things in their entirety that I find unusually profound and/or informative.  Sometimes even challenging things.  I'm doing that today, but jeez, please do NOT read anything tragic or awful in to this.  I am fine, as is Julie.   

Because I give you an extraordinary podcast on the subject of dying, and specifically, the question of dying with dignity.  This is an enlightening interview by one of my intellectual heroes, Vox's Sean Illing, of Katie Engelhart, author of the book The Inevitable.

The Gray Area with Sean Illing:  Dying with Dignity


I hope you'll listen to this, no matter your own age, or that of your parents or loved ones.  The questions this issue raises may surprise you.  Like these:

Should physician-assisted dying be allowed in America, given we don't have public health care?

And if there's a right to die, how far should that right extend?  Must one even be terminally ill?  Why or why not?

Again, my apologies for the heavy subject.  But the topic, indeed, is inevitable.  Yes, like taxes.


Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


Let's lighten up this downer of a blog and let's do it right now.  And who makes death more of a laugh than Alice Cooper? 

Here on a Killer live (ha!) album is The Alice Cooper Show.  

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