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May 26, 2023

Portico Darwin: Low Ceilings


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Yes, I am back and you can expect a forthcoming Travel Guide full of juicy details of another Textbook getaway.  I will say now it began on a fun note at Lauren Ryder's 60th; you'll be able to read about that and a fairly magical camping trip soon.  Here's a preview and that's a Fat Head in the popcorn bowl, not Lauren.

Back in the real world, I will let The Economist introduce the reality of the debt ceiling argument.

Like guns, the debt ceiling is a self-inflicted problem unique to America.  The fight, as you almost certainly well know by this point, is over spending previously approved by both parties in Congress

While I am in complete and total agreement that our deficits and debt must be brought under control - and soon - holding our financial standing as a nation hostage is not the mechanism for doing so.  Or to be blunt:

The Republicans are fucking with our last superpower:  having our own currency be the world's reserve currency.  If we default on our bonds - until now considered the world's safest investment - that all goes out the window.  "Self-inflicted wound" does not begin to describe it.

But at least the Republicans will have kept taxes low for the richest people and corporations in our country. 

Look, it's not even that hard:

  • Remove the cap on income applicable to FICA tax withholding
  • Institute means-testing for Social Security and Medicare
  • Tax capital and labor at the same rate 
  • Let the Trump tax cuts expire

And FFS and while you're at it:  agree to completely eliminate this fake debt ceiling bullshit in the first place.  When Congress approves a budget, they are also authorizing the borrowing the budget requires.  



There were a lot of complaints about the newsletter going dark.  OK, there were none, but Max "Madras" Ryder did go all gooey on me at his bride's party Saturday about how much he just loves the blog, and then bemoaned his future:

I am literally going to be lost on Monday and Wednesday in its absence.

OK, OK, I may be paraphrasing, but it was something like that.  No, really.

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.  And have a great Memorial Day weekend. 


If only:  featuring "Ceiling Unlimited", here is Rush and Vapor Trails.
Note the "Remixed" nomenclature on the album cover.  The above is the 2013 re-release of the original 2002 album, the sound of which the band never liked.

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