Dean Clough

August 24, 2022

Portico Darwin: Maybe a Civil War Would Be OK


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OK, I've had enough.
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I am ready to fight for the real America.  In the streets, if necessary.

This guy and every single other fucking white Christian nationalist can kiss my radical liberal commie pinko San Francisco ass.   The photo above was taken recently at the Kentucky State Fair.  In today's Republican party, this guy is fine, and me and people like me are the crazy radicals.  Got it.

But if you love America and all it ACTUALLY stands for, it is not possible to continue to embrace and support Trump.  Republicans that are doing so are actively hurting a country they claim to love more than anything.

Bill Maher had an interesting take on this last Friday.  He posited that Republicans are so fearful of what coastal liberal elites like myself would do if fully in charge that they'd prefer to just destroy our country instead.  Makes sense! 

Addressing climate change, gun violence, wealth inequality, affordable healthcare, affordable housing, affordable education, etc. involve a lot of RADICAL, EXTREME, LIBERAL ideas.  Like electric cars, common-sense gun laws, fair and reasonable taxation, and maybe actually looking at what other countries are doing for health, housing, and schooling.

But I get it:  it's better to ruin the USA vs. having Gavin Newsom as president.

How else to explain a party that is ousting Liz Cheney?  She voted for Trump's policies 93% of the time, yet because she's calling out his BLATANTLY OBVIOUS crimes, she's a pariah and a RINO? 

I of course don't really want a civil war.  But what's it going to take to get this demonstrably awful person permanently out of our lives? 

If we find out Trump tried to sell nuclear secrets, will that do it?

I will remind everyone yet again:  if Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Josh Hawley, and the rest of these spineless vipers would simply put our country ahead of party and ahead of their pitiful selves, this all would be over.   

And without a civil war or further erosion of our institutions.  The choice is simple - even Bill Kristol sees it.

A reminder that for decades, Kristol has been a staunch conservative.  But he's a believer in the ideas of Ronald Reagan, not Viktor Orbán. 

What do you believe in?

I'll close with what FOX NEWS believes.  Maybe you're a Fox New viewer and this is what you've needed?

Here's the full article in case you think this is fake news.

More?  Here's what happened previously when government contractor Reality Winner took a single - not 300 - classified document, and gave it to the press.  TLDR:  she spent 5 years in federal prison. 

Are we a country of laws?  Or of men?


When I write bummer, haranguing blogs like today, I often like to counter it with my famous "Rainbows and Unicorn" graphic.  No need that for today.  Instead, we have a real rainbow and real young love:  I am very pleased to announce the wedding engagement of the wunderkind Raymond Michaels with his knock-out girlie-friend, Tabatha.  Congrats, guys - you are both very lucky.  May you share the happiness you have earned and richly deserve.  And yes, these photos are real.
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Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


Here is a Killer artist with whom I was not familiar - despite his work for many years with my lookalike Sting.  Here is the aptly-named "November" by Dominic Miller.  I hope you'll give this a listen - it's all relatively smooth instrumental jazz - but with enough zing and flair to keep it interesting. 

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