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October 12, 2022

Portico Darwin: My Esquire Covers!


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This is the first in a series of pointless - and I mean really f'ing pointless - posts.


Well, upcoming editions will be about the 13 most recent albums by a band few know of, and another, a complete list of the fake names that I've used in this blog since its inception.  See what I mean?

They are harmless diversions, yet their mindless nature will lead many to say "My God, this guy needs to find something more productive to do." 

Or, regarding today's post: "Narcissist, much?"

But I really don't care.  Because, as feared, I spent quite a bit of (enjoyable) time at Esquire's completely gonzo archive site.   Truth be told, it likely won't be the last time, either.

I am proud to share the first fruits of my (essentially meaningless) labor.   Here are the covers of Esquire magazine, and a link to the complete issue, for the most interesting months/years involving my own life. 

As above:  this is a very self-absorbed post.  But it's a fun exercise that I encourage everyone to try with their own dates.  

The ability to read complete issues is amazing, for both the prose and the advertisements.  Each issue is one small time capsule.  One example:  genius writer Tom Wolfe and his profile in March 1965 of the NASCAR star Junior Johnson.  Also:  the ads were so much more sincere, and less cynical?

OK.  Here is my life as told by the cover of Esquire magazine; quite a few are strangely apropos.

May, 1949:  When My Parents Married
Esq 1.jpg

December, 1963:  When I Was Born
Esq 2.jpg

December, 1976:  When I Turned 13

May, 1981:  When I Graduated From High School
Esq 3.jpg

December, 1981:  When I Turned 18

December, 1984:  When I Turned 21

December, 1985:  When I Graduated From College
Esq 4.jpg

November, 1989:  When Julie and I Started Dating
Esq 8.jpg

April, 1991:  When Julie and I Got Married
Esq 5.jpg

May, 1992:  When We Moved to SF
Esq 6.jpg

December, 1993:  When I Turned 30
Esq 9.jpg

April, 1998:  When We Moved to London
Esq 10.jpg

November, 2001:  When I Started Casa Integration
Esq 11.jpg

December, 2003:  When I Turned 40
Esq 14.jpg

December, 2013:  When I Turned 50
Esq 15.jpg

December, 2016:  When I Shut Down Casa Integration 1.0  
Esq 16.jpg

March, 2018:  When I Made My Quixotic Return to Corporate
Esq 17.jpg

October, 2019:  When I Made My Quixotic Departure from Corporate
Esq 18.jpg

October, 2020:  When I Retired
Esq 19.jpg


Many (OK, a couple) of you have expressed sympathy re:  our missing luggage during our recent trip to Italy.  And some even asked about using something like Apple's AirTags.  Hunter Deuce says no.

Well, Lufthansa isn't having any of this air tag shit:

Lufthansa'a Lost Bags

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


On an album I consider one of my all-time favorites, here is Joe Jackson and the Killer "Blaze of Glory".  Here's a toast to being Nineteen Forever.

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