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October 2, 2023

Portico Darwin: October 2 in One Post


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Good morning and happy Monday.  Today's post is as long or as short as you wish, because what follows are my posts regarding October 2.  Huh?

I was 55 years old on this date in 2019 when an event occurred that set Julie and me on a course neither of us was expecting; I've written about it and the aftermath often.  And I've mentioned it socially only about every other day.

Yet many have asked (actually, no one has asked), "Portico, why don't you compile the links so it's all in one place?"  So I figured why not?  And don't worry:  the final chapter (from this year's Independence Day weekend) was indeed the final chapter in terms of my maudlin whining. 

But there is a good story here, and shocker - I find it interesting to see how I evolved from the sting of rejection from both TEECOM and The Presidio Trust, to being at peace with mostly all of it.  There's special bonus material, as well.

So with no further ado, here is the story of wrongly being fired and not being able to find work elsewhere.  And living to tell about it.

October 2, 2021:  Goodbye to All of That Special Edition
Or, 2 years in, where your correspondent fools himself he's gotten over it all.  In actuality, I would grind on for another 18 months.

August 2022:  One More Try
Here's the bonus material.  After getting rejected in 2021 by The Presidio Trust, I actually tried again in mid-2022, this time for a job there that was even more of a perfect fit.  To illustrate that to my interviewers, I showed them this presentation, as I decided to leave nothing on the table - a good pun which you'll understand if you look at the PDF.  The table in the photo is of course in The Presidio.
Clough - Assoc Dir Interview Presentation.pdf
Clough - Assoc Dir Interview Presentation.pdf 1.53 MB

September 30, 2022:  October 2 and Gratitude
This was actually where I started getting over it - but for real this time, and it was 3 years in.

July 3, 2023:  Lottery Winner:  The Electrifying Conclusion
The longest of the posts, but I feel it's justified.  God, was that whole thing fucked up!

10 Seconds of Seriousness:  as I say in Electrifying Conclusion, the main reason I am putting this all out there is so others experiencing similar challenges can see it mostly just takes time.
Four years, to be precise.


In reality, another reason today's post is in this form is because of these people.  They completely took over the weekend, leaving me with no time to write.  This is our niece Nicki Vale, and Mr. Everything, Baron Belgium, at the Killer Biergarten in Hayes Valley here in SF.
Fantastic trip and I foresee an amazing future for this dynamite couple.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


Peace?  Calm?  But still with a bit of an edge?

How about my favorite piano concertos?  Here is Rachmaninoff, performed by the pianist Yuja Wang and The Los Angeles Philharmonic.  This was recorded just this year at Walt Disney Hall, and its recording and presentation here are state-of-the-art.

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