Dean Clough

October 6, 2021

Portico Darwin: Palm Springs Travel Guide

It's Friday afternoon, and we're poolside after another wonderful sunrise visit to Joshua Tree National Park.  We're reminiscing.

  • I give a whole-hearted Textbook assessment to the wonderful Jake's Palm Springs.  It is where we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, with dinner there on April 13.  What a great dinner spot, right in the middle of downtown.  Service.  Food.  Vibe.  Yes.  Highly recommended on your next visit to Coachella Valley.

  • The big highlight of the week was the arrival on Wednesday of National Park aficionados Elizabeth Michaels and Primo Harvey, PhD.  This took a lot of doctoring to make them look presentable, but here they are at the absolutely Killer Palm Springs Tramway.


And Julie, also at the top of the Tramway.  You go from about 1,000 above sea level on the desert floor (it was about 85 degrees) to approx. 8,600 feet (it was about 55 degrees with snow on the ground) at the top.


We wrapped it up with a celebratory last dinner, masterfully prepared by our guests.  And of course, some lounge time before shutting it down for the night and the entire two weeks at Cove House.  Speaking of which, it should be obvious that Cove House easily reaches Diamond Certification.  If you ever want an ideal set-up for two couples (or two couples with a kid or two) in Palm Springs, this is it.  The house ticks every box, but no, the kitchen lights still do not dim, but I'm willing to let that go.


I would like to thank all four of our guests, Louise Lederhosen, Byron Browne IV, Elizabeth Michaels, and Primo Harvey, PhD for making our Palm Springs visit very special and so fun.

We now head to Palm Cottage in Montecito to hang with Megan and Harry!

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