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May 5, 2021

Portico Darwin: Please Make It Stop

(Editor's Note:  as always when I write posts like this, I note important points with links that will take you to an objective arbiter of truth.  Like AP Fact Check, Snopes, Politifact, and  I sincerely challenge anyone that reads this to cite different, equally reputable sources if you disagree with my facts and especially my conclusions.  I want to find reliable, objective, conservative-leaning sources, but apart from The Economist and The Wall Street Journal, what are they?)

I really wanted to give y'all (a week in Houston will do that to a person) a break from the politically-themed stuff, but this topic, like climate change, racial justice, gun control, and the other massive issues facing our country, deserves consideration now by everyone, including the thousands (millions?) reading this blog right now.

The topic is voter fraud.  Some in America would really, really like you to believe that this is a major problem.   So much so, they'd prefer some just not vote at all - versus competing fairly in the marketplace of ideas and letting the chips fall where they may.  I think someone may have even wrote a blog post on that subject not too long ago?

But the fact is, meaningful voter fraud has never been proven in a court of law in the USA, at least not recently.  And, despite his truly dangerous fantasies otherwise, that includes Trump and his examined-under-a-microscope loss to Biden last fall.  Those that refuse to accept Biden's victory are being un-American - here, we play by the rules and accept the outcome:  win, lose or draw.  This was the most secure and clean election in US history, as the Trump official in charge himself said (but he then of course was fired by Trump for saying so), and Biden won.

Further, this topic in general has been studied, studied again, and then studied even more just to be sure.  Voter fraud just doesn't happen in this country (at least enough to tip any election), and if you think about it, how could it, given our decentralized election system? 

If you question that, I urge you take the time to read this by a political scientist at the University of Chicago that explains why it would essentially be impossible to throw a presidential election via voter fraud.  Please - I beg you - if you are still thinking it's possible for a national election to be stolen, read his explanation of why that's beyond a heavy lift and is frankly impossible.

Want more objective evidence that voter fraud is not a problem (apart from AP Fact Check above)?  No problem:
And if you want the defacto fact checking standard, here is Snopes, with a big, giant dose of reality on the whole subject.

So - if you're a Republican and/or Conservative, the next time you wonder if it should be harder to vote in this country (in order to preserve the integrity of the vote - boy is that rich), I ask you consider the facts I've presented here.   I fear many Republicans in Congress and elsewhere know their game is up - they are devoid  of actual policy proposals to address what ails us as a nation, so instead, they're employing the basest of tactics vs. getting real.

Because if they had great ideas, why would they not want to compete fairly in my beloved marketplace of ideas?  Why resort to voter suppression (and of course, gerrymandering)?  It's because their "just keep cutting taxes and waging culture wars" strategy is being revealed for what it is:  pitifully inadequate for dealing with the very real and decidedly unimaginary issues we ALL face as Americans.

So I say we need to make it easier to vote, not harder - what is more American than people freely, easily, and legally voting?  As always, any serious and thoughtful replies to this post will be published unedited and without smarm.

Our Anderson Valley sojourn motivated the occasionally thirsty Max "Madras" Ryder to write:
"Just the mention of the valley drove me to this beauty this evening…"


And while the compliments came in from the East Bay, the now-profligate Hunter Deuce emailed his displeasure from the 18th at Hualalai with his complaint
"Oh man, you haven't eaten unless you've had a big, sloppy cheeseburger at Mendo Burgers."

And this from a man now successfully immersed (keep it up, buddy!) in a famous dietary program?

Keep those cards and letters coming, and as always, thank you to anyone that is reading this blog.

You want the real America?  Authentic, no-BS, play-by-the-rules America?  Here it is.  Here's The Boss and "Born to Run".  And be sure to check out Springsteen and the oh-so-missed Barack Obama on their wonderful and hopeful podcast.

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