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May 31, 2024

Portico Darwin: Scott Galloway Saves the Kids



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Happy Friday. 

If you hang around me for very long, Scott Galloway (pictured above) almost certainly will come up.  That's because I find this entrepreneur/professor/observer to be wiser than most on many subjects, ranging from the rich (like himself) needing to pay more taxes, to the complete assholery of both Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

What I like most is that he calls balls and strikes, and happily offends anyone of any persuasion in the process.  He is decidedly anti-Psycho Woke and no more so than when he advocates for young people, especially young men.   For example, Galloway has no problem trashing those who insist the word "toxic" always must precede the word "masculinity." 

I've touched upon that subject before, but let's expand upon it today.  Here is Prof G himself, via a TED talk he gave in April.  The title of his presentation is How the US is Destroying Young People's Future.

From the TED website:

In a scorching talk, marketing professor and podcaster Scott Galloway dissects the data showing that, by many measures, young people in the US are worse off financially than ever before.  

He unpacks the root causes and effects of this "great intergenerational theft," asking why we let it continue and showing how we could make it end. 

It is scorching, and I encourage taking 18 minutes now or over the weekend to watch this powerful indictment of the status quo.

How the US is Destroying Young People's Future

After years of listening to Galloway, I still refer to him as "my hero."  Anyone who watches the video who cares about our future and that of our young might come to understand why.  You can't fake what he does.

Indeed, he may be the closest thing we have today to another hero of mine, another very wealthy and powerful person who actively railed against the profligacy of, and regulatory capture by, his own class. 

Have a great weekend.


Luckily, my Panic Attack post generated little apparent interest, so there's plenty of room for this.

Heck, I'm old enough to remember when we didn't like our Presidents being convicted felons.  

Or even our candidates obvious philanderers.  
It should be further noted that not one, but two of my closest female friends sent me the same meme soon after the verdict, and within minutes of each other. 

To my besties Ol' Purple Label and Elizabeth "Polly" Michaels:  If only.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


How about two completely inappropriate songs, yet with titles so ideal and the works themselves such flat-out Textbook classics that they are musts for today? 

Well, at KLUF, we pride ourselves on being the imaginary radio station not afraid of taking risks.  Like these David Bowie songs, the first midwifed, the second his own. 

Here is Mott the Hoople and the fab "All the Young Dudes."

And here is the late Mr. Bowie with one of my favorite songs, "Heroes."

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