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December 21, 2022

Portico Darwin: Seamus Colonnity Buy Himself Some Trump NFTs


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Editor's Note:   Seamus Colonnity is an occasional visitor here, borrowed from Christopher Buckley's hysterical "Make Russia Great Again:  A Novel".  Imagine a less intellectual Sean Hannity, and you're getting close.  If you need a visual image of the mighty Seamus, here is a good start.

Here, the proudly ultra-MAGA Colonnity talks about his new hobby:  collecting Donald Trump NFT trading cards, and why he's extra excited about buying them.

OK, look.  The whole 2022 election thing with a lot of commie Dems winning was a fraud.  I mean who doesn't dig Kari Lake?  Just like in 2020, when Soros and all the rest of those socialists stole it from Trump and gave the presidency to Hunter Biden and his father.

So when the time came to show my ongoing and eternal support for the greatest president in our nation's history, I went all in.  And when I found out I could invest with President Trump and finally get in on this hot NFT thing, well, let's just say I couldn't get my Discover Card out fast enough.  I bought several - here are a couple of my favorites - President Trump is such a man's man!  He's so tough and so rich and so COOL!

And do you want to know just how hugely awesome #45 is?  Each time I bought an NFT trading card (I couldn't believe they were only $99!), he entered me in a super cool contest!  Lordy, look at these sweepstakes prizes!  Can you imagine golfing with the President?  Or my God:  meeting with him, one-on-one, in person - at Mar-A-Lago.  I think I might faint!
I just love the pictures - I could so easily see President Trump having been a champion NASCAR driver or big NFL star, if he hadn't decided to dedicate himself to our country.  You know, he had a pretty nice life before becoming president.  What a valiant and heroic man!

Portico, before turning it back over to you and your radical left Democrat friends, I must add that I don 't understand why the lamestream media keeps calling President Trump's new trading cards a grift?  This guy just can't catch a break:  I mean, who doesn't want to get in on NFTs?

Thank you, Seamus - you are welcome here any time.  

But I must say I do love how Trump chose "47" as his number on his NASCAR uniform.  I believe 45 is all he can hope for; in fact, I'd say his racing days are over - in stock cars, and otherwise.  


Wow, are the Aurich's wild for ferries!  From their lavish compound in Tiburon, this time it was the transportation pro and loving hubby André singing the praises of commuting on the water.

More support for how nice it is to commute by ferry:

Maybe André or another reader can explain why we have such relatively little ferry service in The Bay Area?  We have essentially zero compared to what I've witnessed (and experienced) here in metro NYC.  There should be service all over the place - why isn't there? 

And helping a reader (or readers - with their email address, you can't really tell) reach a higher plane of consciousness is certainly a goal of mine with this blog.  And it looks like either Max "Madras" Ryder or his buff bride Lauren have some new and very real clarity, on holidays, drinking, sex, and the attendant risks.

Everything makes sense now!  😛 

It must have been the pic of my mother with an ice bucket on her head?  I actually think it was a thing then . . .
Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


Of course it is Radiohead and 2003's Killer Hail to The Thief.

Indeed, I'm old enough to remember when George W. Bush was the worst President in American history.  If nothing else, 43's art is way, way better than 45's.  Here's his take on the global scourge and Trump puppetmaster Vladimir Putin.  I bet Trump would go through a lot of crayons trying to equal this.

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