Dean Clough

June 5, 2024

Portico Darwin: SF For The Win


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The big news here in San Francisco over the last week or so is that our beloved but defunct Anchor Brewing has been purchased, and will be reborn.  Better still, the new owner sounds like a modern-day Fritz Maytag, the washing machine scion who owned and ran the brewery during its heyday, from 1965 through 2010.

I will get to the Anchor details in a moment, but, in general, this is completely in line with what's happening here.  The AI boom is starting to revive downtown, although it remains a work in progress and I'd like to see more of what Dallas is doing.  Yet, at least to this 32-year resident, the darkest days appear to be behind us in San Francisco. 

Smash-and-grabs are down, and it is obvious to me the city is trying to keep the main thoroughfares tidy and lawful.  For example, I have walked both Market and Columbus in the last few days and was pleasantly surprised - it felt like San Francisco again.

Back to Anchor Brewing.  It was a darker time here when I wrote about its demise a year ago.  For one, you couldn't swing a dead fentanyl overdoser without hitting a tent encampment or stolen merch market.  If that sounds harsh it's because it was, especially in neighborhoods that weren't great in the first place.

Now?   As above, there remains a lot of work to do, but there's no mistaking the uptick, and the sale of Anchor Brewing to a well-heeled enthusiast is the latest positive.  The news made a lot of us here smile because their beer is uniquely symbolic of San Francisco and it going away was not good.  But now it's coming back.

The buyer sounds just about ideal, despite not having SF roots.  Otherwise, Hamdi Ulukaya, the billionaire founder and CEO of Chobani Yogurt, is 100% saying all of the right things.  He's going to restore the iconic brand from its Sapporo desecration, including dumping the fruity IPAs.  Ulukaya promises to brew the proper Anchor line-up at the Potrero Hill brewery:  Steam Beer, Liberty Ale, and Porter.  He also wants to relaunch brewing ops ASAP and intends to get their traditional Christmas Ale out the door this December.  Mr. Ulukaya says he's going to hire back as many former employees as he can find.

That all remains to be seen.  But for now, I toast to Hamdi Ulukaya, his efforts with Anchor Brewing, and the return of one of the world's most iconic beers, Anchor Steam.  I don't think anyone will take it for granted going forward.



How about if I simply move my political rants down here?  Kidding - I have no plans to return to lighting my hair on fire every couple of days. 

But in response to my asking Republicans to grow a pair, Arthur sent me a list of the rights Republicans see as the most under threat.  It needs to be shared and requires a response.  These reflect the results of a Monmouth University poll from about a year ago. 

I offer a photo as commentary on each, and again, these are the freedoms Republicans feel are being taken away from them by elite socialist woke scum like me.

Freedom Most Under Threat:  Speech/First Amendment Rights

Freedom Second Most Under Threat:  Guns/Second Amendment Rights

Freedom Third Most Under Threat:  Religion

Note to my Republican friends:  that's a Republican's house at the top, Republicans with guns about to protest at the Michigan state capitol in the middle, and OK, not a Republican, but still, a President speaking at The National Prayer Breakfast.

So not enough free speech, not enough guns, and not enough religion in America are your big concerns?  

I guess we're OK then!

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


San Francisco?  Music?  Rebirth?  Here is Hunter Deuce's favorite song, "Find Your Way Back," from Jefferson Starship. 

In deference to Mr. Deuce:  I love the song, too.  

And maybe Republicans can do what the song encourages?

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