Dean Clough

October 10, 2023

Portico Darwin: Special Edition - Not Tone Deaf

A car is coming soon to take us to SFO.

But I published my "last" post before vacation without acknowledging the horrific situation in Israel and Gaza.  Also, my recent Oily post now seems naïve, but who cares?  There were and will be so many killed.

Hamas revealed itself again to be the savage terrorist organization it is.  No matter what Israel may have done in terms of oppressing Palestinians at various times and in various places, murdering Israeli civilians is barbaric and will never provide a solution.  Indeed, Israel has already begun to use its comparatively infinite resources to devastate those in Gaza.   

Yet there are innocents on both sides who simply want to live in peace and with dignity.

Who speaks for them? 

I do not wish to offend with this image of a combined flag; I use it to symbolize the harmony in the region many would like, but can't have.  

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