Dean Clough

May 8, 2024

Portico Darwin: Spelling Beeware



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I hope you have an enjoyable Wednesday and a laugh from some signs I've seen recently. 

There was this, at the Textbook Vesuvio in North Beach.

Really, the white paper and green tape were enough.

Next, a bodega in Cow Hollow, not too far from our place.

I like how the error is kinda permanent.

And then there is this, amazing in terms of sheer volume, from a Hoboken sub-Reddit.

Kids:  Stay in school and don't do drugs.


One of my connections to the modern world, the young Metroplex playboy Kevin Monza, is a Dua Lipa fan.  Boy, is he, and he had something to say when I asked him about her new album, Radical Optimism.  

I am on the second to last song already.  Got a signed vinyl and a pre-order exclusive one on the way.

I don’t know if you have seen any of her interviews - the Time one was good.  She comes off as so personable and respectful.  She really visualized how she wanted her albums to go and who she wants to work with.

Most pop stars, especially coming off a huge album like Future Nostalgia, would have rushed to put out more music.  Waiting 4 years, likely against (the wishes of) her label, to get it right/with the people she wants, is telling compared to her contemporaries.

OK, he didn't use her name, but I think there's a Tay-Tay in the room.

Thank you for reading this newsletter.  


I can assure you neither Dua Lipa nor Taylor Swift will ever grace the fake airwaves of KLUF.  For one, I am a dinosaur and not getting any younger.   

Along those lines, check this out:  The Road Starts Hear, Aerosmith live in 1971, before their first album was released in 1973.  A dumb name, but otherwise, wow.

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