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May 10, 2024

Portico Darwin: The Mooch is OK



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Happy Friday and this post is multifaceted.  It includes a thank you, a podcast recommendation, and a reprint of one of my proposed Constitutional amendments.  And it's all because of Anthony Scaramucci.


First, a thank you to my British friend Randy Smee for introducing me to a UK podcast called The Rest is Politics.  It provides a welcome non-American perspective on world events and is hosted by two (very smart) former UK government officials.  But that's not the podcast suggestion.

Rather, it is a spin-off, still British, and called The Rest is Politics:  US.  It is hosted by the BBC's Killer Katty Kay, and - yep - The Mooch himself, former Trump errand boy Anthony Scaramucci. 

I kid Anthony, because after listening to the first two episodes, I was wrong in my negative opinion of him.  He has broad knowledge and is nothing if not well-connected.  Frankly, anyone who associates or is associated with Trump is always going to be suspect to me, but I think I've been mistaken here. 

And for the record, he's decidedly anti-Trump now.   

On the podcast, he's excellent, and of course, so is Ms. Kay, one of my journalistic favorites.  I continue to sharply limit my intake of news from all sources, so, apart from what I read in The Economist, this will be about it for me, news-wise, for this awful election. 

Here are links to the trailer and first two episodes, on Spotify.

Trailer:  The Rest is Politics:  US
Episode 1:  From White House to Court House:  Trump on Trial
Episode 2:  How to Buy The White House

I especially hope you'll give the second episode a listen, because Mr. Scaramucci does a great - if highly disturbing - job describing the role of money in politics.  Listen and you'll find he confirms what I've said before and still believe:

When the downstream impacts are considered, the United States is the most corrupt country on Earth.

That's from someone that's been on the inside, and on both sides of the table:  Writing huge checks to candidates, and also asking for huge checks for candidates.  

I also liked Scaramucci's optimism.  Again:  Huh?

That's because he brought up that we're overdue for a Constitutional amendment, just even in general, based on the average length of time in years between previous adjustments throughout our history.  Mooch rightly points out we haven't had a modification in a very long time, and hints at an amendment I'll come right out and define:

28th Amendment
The United States Government will exclusively fund, via public monies, the campaigns for the elections of President and Vice President, and for the House of Representatives and Senate.

Mr. Scaramucci and I both believe exactly nothing materially will change in the USA until the money problem is addressed.  Climate.  Immigration reform.  Guns.  Wealth inequality.  Entitlement reform.  Balancing the budget.  He correctly points out that the incentives for remedial action are completely wrong at the Federal level, especially in light of the disastrous 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision

So perhaps you can call or write Congress, and demand action on this most important of Constitutional amendments.

And tell 'em the Mooch sent ya.

Editor's Note:  We are going camping this Sunday, and returning Wednesday.  So enjoy the peace and quiet on Monday and Wednesday, and I will be back next Friday.

Until then, have a great weekend and upcoming week.


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