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May 2, 2022

Portico Darwin: Very Goofy


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This whole go-after-Disney thing in Florida is bat-shit crazy - even by Florida standards.  Here's why, in just two data points:

  1. Corporations (rightly or wrongly) are treated as individuals in the US
  2. As such, they are entitled to freedom of speech and freedom of expression

Those items are not debatable.  Therefore, the Florida legislature, at the bidding of Governor Ron DeSantis, is:

Using the power of the state to punish those who disagree. 

Disney expressed disagreement regarding some other Florida legislation, the so-called "Don't Say Gay" act.  The state of Florida punished them for doing so by rescinding the self-governance the company enjoyed at Disney World via the Reedy Creek Improvement District pact, enacted in 1967.  The pact's success is also not debatable and it being eliminated is going to cost local taxpayers massive amounts, as Disney itself used to pay for things like roads, fire departments, traffic signs, and insect control.  No longer.   

The justification?  To punish Disney for speaking up in favor of LGBT people.

Let me get that straight:  the group that howls the most about "cancel culture", freedom of speech, and the threat of government tyranny, now wants to use the government itself as the canceling tool? 

Yes, they do.  I hope you'll take the time to watch this very recent clip of Ben Shapiro, (very mistakenly) considered by some on the right to be an intellectual.  It reveals his naked hypocrisy and frankly, depravity.  He OF COURSE is not in favor of using the power of the government in this way, but THE RADICAL WOKE LIBERAL LEFT make it justified and THEY DESERVE IT.  The relevant section begins at 14:12.

What would Shapiro say if Governor Gavin Newsom of California signed into law a bill that required Chick Fil-A and Hobby Lobby to open their stores in CA on Sundays?  What is the difference?  Would any conservative reading this care to explain?

And there is a HUGE difference between a state lashing out with its power vs. a private company opting not to do business in a state because of that state's policies.  Like when Major League Baseball moved last year's All-Star Game out of Atlanta because of Georgia's decision to make it much harder (for some - guess who?) to vote.  It's fully within their rights for any company to speak out - for or against - whatever they choose. 

It is a completely different matter when the state punishes an individual or company for doing so. 

Because isn't that tyranny? 


But isn't that why we have all of the guns?  To fight off government tyranny?  Don't Tread on Me?  Right? 

But aren't DeSantis and Shapiro Republicans?  Oh, wait . . . I'm getting confused.

Speaking of Republicans, here's one.  Matthew Dowd was chief strategist for the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign.  So clearly he's a Democratic party shill.  I know it's rude to shout, but:



It's worth repeating:  it is not radical or extreme to want the things most Americans want!

Chicagoland golf pro Steven Simon - soon to be hosting us for a couple of nights in his city mansion - was initially serious but then shared his preferences for gyros.  But as is typical, we're mostly in agreement across the board.  First Rush, now sandwiches.

The YouGov poll was both stunning and sadly unsurprising.  Although I must admit I thought Gay/Lesbian was more like 5%, Atheist was higher, and Union participation was closer to 10%.  But that's what you get for living in Chicago for 35 years.  I'd like to see the breakdowns by demographics.  I'm sure that would be interesting. 

I matched 2 of your 3 sandwiches.  I opted for 18 over 21. 

I loved that sandwich thing, but it makes me hungry - so many faves on that chart!

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.

Is it mental gymnastics the Republicans are playing?  Or Optical Hopscotch?  You tell me, but regardless, here is my absolutely Diamond Certified playlist of the absolutely Diamond Certified Guided By Voices.  I can't decide if they or Porcupine Tree is the best band most people have never heard of?


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