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October 14, 2022

Portico Darwin: Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner


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Happy Friday.  If you don't care about sports, you can safely blow off TODAY'S RAMBLINGS.  But don't miss FROM THE UNWASHED MASSES or KLUF.

My Giants finished in a .500 shade of gray, after 107 wins last year.  Our beloved - and champion - Warriors are in turmoil.  Yet - despite it all - we still have it very good here in SF, in terms of sports and our region's relevance on the big stage.

Sure, we have the woeful A's and the not-one-single-time San Jose Sharks, but we've had a nice run between the Giants, the 49ers, and the Warriors.  OK, the Niners haven't won anything in a long while, but they've been nicely relevant and oh-so-close.  And have I mentioned their handsome quarterback?  He's no Trey Lance (or Colin Kaepernick!), but still . . .
This all got me thinking, in general, about cities, sports leagues and championships, or the lack thereof.  Well, of course, there's a site for that.

Champs or Chumps - Is Your City a Champ or a Chump?

And then I drilled down a bit.

Longest Championship Droughts By City

Longest Streaks and Droughts in the Major Sports

None of this changes the fact that I put my Giants' game 6 loss to the Angels in the 2002 World Series up there with any Red Sox or Cubs heartbreak.  At the time, the Giants had one of the longest droughts in MLB and sports overall - up there with the Red Sox, Cubs and Indians (now Guardians, and they top the drought list). 


I mentioned to Hunter Deuce that I got both my 3rd COVID-19 booster and a flu shot yesterday, and thus declared I AM IRONMAN.   

To which he responded:
And I must make note that a whole bunch of people (OK, 2 couples) are heading simultaneously (yet separately, as it happens) to Portugal.  Some are even readers!

So it's viagens seguras to the idealist Elizabeth "Polly" Michaels and my Niwot weissbier supplier Primo Harvey PhD (off on a cycling trip), and to my pal Ol' Purple Label and her knowledgeable hubby, K. Helmsley Garfinkel (off to a friend's birthday bash).  Bom dia!

(Fun fact and one more:  feliz Aniversário to Primo, who celebrates a birthday while on the trip.  But please:  no faux "national parks" this time, OK?)

Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.


"This is Hardcore". 

Are those not the words that come to mind when considering these scintillating blog posts? 

Or is it the Killer Pulp album of the same name?

Another fun fact:  this album and its vivid cover were everywhere in London during the summer of 1998 when we lived there, and it became part of our soundtrack.  I've got to scan more photos, but this is us that summer at The Henley Royal Regatta, a Diamond Certified event if there ever was one.  We, of course, fit right in.

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