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January 19, 2024

Portico Darwin: World War WTF


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I think it was the daytime and Textbook Daiquiris he made for us that did it.  Because Wednesday afternoon found Arthur and I pondering the potential of a third World War.  We even went further: 

Maybe we're in one already?  But a new kind?

That's crazy - it had to be the rum, right?

You tell me.  But you may want to pour your own drink as you peruse these lists.  They are in no particular order, apart from the first having real shooting amongst the various players.  Most of these conflicts are so f'ing complicated that I have no comment (yes, a shocker, I know). 

The links will take you to a Council on Foreign Relations page regarding the organization in question; I parenthetically note who is generally accepted to be behind the sides.

1.  Houthis (Iran) v Global Shipping (Israel/United States/Great Britain)
2.  Hamas (Palestine) v Israel

3.  Russia v Ukraine

4.  Iran v Pakistan
5.  Hezbollah (Iran) v Israel

And, as you consider the above, please keep these tidbits in mind.

  • Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and Iran has (at least) dirty ones

  • Saudi Arabia is normalizing relations with Israel, adding an interesting dynamic to a forever war, Sunni (Saudi Arabia) v Shia (Iran) Muslims

  • China v Taiwan; oh, yeah, that

  • North Korea v Civilized World; that too

  • From The Economist"Binyamin Netanyahu said he has told America that he opposes a Palestinian state after the war (with Hamas).  'Israel needs security control over all territory west of the Jordan (River),' he said." 

  • Ouch - officially stating what's been your obvious goal for years doesn't help things presently

  • Isn't it right about now that some Muslim crazies activate a wild terrorist plot?

And the kicker:

  • The United States might add Donald Trump to the mix

World War What The Fuck, indeed.


OMFG, STOP THE PRESSES!  What follows blew my mind and I hope it does the same for yours.  No kidding, and this came in response to my Here Comes More Trump post.

Well put, strong, logical, heartfelt and honest.  Here in the UK we have felt the thoughtless scourge of rising popularism.  Parts of the media, clickbait headlines and politicians looking for re-election on the 4-5 year cycle are the reason.  

There is a reaction to it in the UK, but politics in the USA seems so entrenched.  Are there many USA “floating voters” who wait to review and consider the local and national issues before deciding who to endorse?  Worrying times in the US and with global consequences. 

Would you allow me to forward your missive to a couple of UK political podcasts I subscribe to?  They would be very interested in the balanced views of a US citizen I’m sure.  The pods are ‘The Rest is Politics’ and ‘The News Agents’.

Aside from that I hope you are bearing up old chap!

Mind-blowing?  What's so exceptional about this response is not that it came out of nowhere, from someone in the United Kingdom.   Nor is it even because the respondent thinks a real, live podcast might be interested in my thoughts on Trump.

No, it is mind-blowing because its author, Randy Shmee, ran telecommunications for my client, Sea Containers, when I worked and lived in London in 1997 and 1998.  We worked very closely together then, but I have not seen him since. 

Well, except for once, in early 2000, on one of the most special nights of my life:  a surprise party thrown for Julie and myself while we were on vacation in London.  It was attended by all of my Sea Containers colleagues, Randy included.

Wow:  there's a blog post (or seven).  I can sense the anticipation already.

But for now, I'll let DreamStudio (which also created the lead graphic) capture me (albeit with better hair) reading his note and thinking about Randy, Sea Containers, and my time in London.
Thank you for reading this newsletter - especially, today, one particular Limey.


Randy and I debated music often while working together at Sea Containers House, in London's South Bank.  Indeed, he could do an imitation second to none of me going on about such-and-such album or band. 

So no, Hunter Deuce, you are not the first to comment upon my jazz hands.

And I am happy to give them both some fresh material.

This is a (both hands karate-chopping) Killer album, released in 2023, and I bet Randy (and Hunter and probably many of you) will like it - it's jazzy, chill, and fun.  Here is Isolde Lasoen and Oh Dear.

The artist is also Belgian:  Perhaps the esteemed Mr. Shmee will recall Antwerp was the first deployment location in the massive 35 site IT program we crushed together?  Oh, the blog posts that are coming . . .

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