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June 17, 2022

Portico Darwin: Yep - Another List


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Ukraine:  I'm glad we're sending more weapons and money.  We can't give up on them now.  Like Trump's, Putin's actions must never happen again.

I've created a large number of worthless lists for use here in this newsletter.  But this?  This could be my all-time least-useful.  I don't care, because I find it interesting.  Plus, it's a nod to my champion Warriors!

The subject is:  which US cities have a team in each of the 4 major sports:

  • NFL (American Football)
  • NBA (Basketball)
  • MLB (Baseball)
  • NHL (Hockey)

OK - I get one could argue that the NHL doesn't belong, and that baseball is on the wane.  True and true.   But, until further notice, these 4 are still considered the big 4 major sports in this country. 

Here are the cities that have all four.  In major metro areas like NYC and LA, I went with the originals.  The list might surprise you, especially when compared to the list of US cities by population, which is at the end; I've also ordered the first list by population.  For the record, hockey makes about as much sense in Phoenix and Dallas as it would in Houston.  I'm just sayin'. 

And please - save the geographic quibbles - the Cowboys no more play in Dallas than the 49ers (or Sharks) play in San Francisco.

New York
  • New York Giants
  • New York Knicks
  • New York Yankees
  • New York Rangers

Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Los Angeles Kings

  • Chicago Bears
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Chicago Blackhawks

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Texas Rangers
  • Dallas Stars

  • Washington Commanders
  • Washington Wizards
  • Washington Nationals
  • Washington Capitals

  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Philadelphia Flyers

  • Miami Dolphins
  • Miami Heat
  • Miami Marlins
  • Florida Panthers

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Arizona Coyotes

  • New England Patriots
  • Boston Celtics
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Boston Bruins

San  Francisco
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Golden State Warriors
  • San Francisco Giants
  • San Jose Sharks

  • Detroit Lions
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Detroit Red Wings

  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Minnesota Wild

  • Denver Broncos
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Colorado Avalanche

US Population, by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)


If I've missed any, please let me know.  Have a great weekend.

No fun name, because this is just flat-out cool.  This is the daughter of one of my first cousins, and I'm happy to say Julie and I attended her wedding (a rager) in Buffalo quite a few years ago.  Shedd f'ing Aquarium!

Some wonderful words from two of America's finest women:  Dr. Doreen Downs (jet setting as usual, this time in France) and from the frustrated Wordle player, Elizabeth "Polly" Michaels.

First, Dr. Downs, on me not making the cut at AWS:

If the AWS interview process is a meat grinder, think what working there would probably be like.  I say count your blessings and focus on Diamond Certified travel plans or whatever brings you contentment.

I can always count on the good doctor to nudge me onto her own path of travel decadence.

And then, after acknowledging my stupendous performance at Wordle, "Polly" kindly added:

And we enjoyed your Fantasy Island story (on Wednesday). 

Thanks!  And for the record, here was my triumph:


Thank you to any one that is reading this newsletter.

It was a wicked game.  Here is Stockton's very own Chris Isaak, and his seminal "Heart Shaped World".


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