Dennis Dang

March 1, 2024

When will I ever be proficient in OCaml over Typescript?

I wanted to build all my new projects in OCaml. It’d be a welcomed change from the world of Typescript and Python. I’ve been a novice hanging around the OCaml community for the past few years. The discussions around algebraic effects and promising language features appeal to me. I eagerly daydream that this is the language and ecosyste...
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November 28, 2022

5 statically typed functional languages with a possible future

Learn some new concepts in the world of computer science and programming languages by trying these 5 below that’ll take you through algebraic effects, web assembly, pure functional programming (not Haskell), type safety in an actor’s world. OCaml 5.0 Have you ever heard of algebraic effects? Algebraic effects is a researched but yet-to...
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May 24, 2021

Interesting software tech of the weekend

A list of interesting technologies, frameworks, languages I come upon over the weekend Frameworks backed by a business appeal to me because it means that the open source project may have a chance to live long and healthily and have the money to innovate. If you are looking for a full go framework, this may be a good choice. ...
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March 16, 2021

Don’t lose sleep on your tech stack. It doesn’t matter.

TLDR; The tool a startup needs to help it survive its early stages is a single, all-encompassing one that gets the job done without overhead. Maybe because I’m still early in years as a dev, maybe my priorities are wrong, or maybe I’m just me, but I lay awake agonizing on what my future ideal tech stack should be. The tech stack that p...
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March 5, 2021

I fell for a crypto Stellar email phish

No I did not lose money. But I still opened the damn email. I wonder how many others would fall for this. Fortunately I have no stake in this blockchain, and opened the email out of curiosity. Am I more cat than rational human? What is hilarious is the string of obvious signs that I still chose to completely miss. The email. Lying to m...
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