Dharmesh Ba

April 17, 2022

Overworking, startups and health ❤️

In 2015, I began my startup journey. In my first startup, I used to work 10-11 hours a day, spent maximum time in the office, and partied late at night. Here is how my health and the startup evolved over time. I was the 10th employee in the food tech company in Mumbai. I was new to the city & had no friends. The office is all I had in ...
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March 15, 2022

Tech might not be a winner take all market anymore!

In a 'winner takes all' market, organisations capture a significant market share of their domain, leaving little room for competitors. Technology economics allows companies to evolve into monopolies in their space. Google accounts for almost 88% of the U.S. search engine market, with Bing (5.47%) and Yahoo (3%) coming next to it. As yo...
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