Geoffrey Moffett

November 28, 2023

You Are Not Able to Please Everyone, So Feel Free To Leave Out

The idea of openly rejecting people may seem contradictory in a culture where social acceptance and peace are greatly prized.

But it's a crucial way of thinking that can help people live more fulfilled lives and help organisations accomplish their objectives more successfully. It is just impossible to please everyone, and realising this can be a freeing realisation.


Why it is impossible to please everyone?

People are different animals with individual viewpoints, tastes, and moral standards. What appeals to one individual might not be felt by another. It takes persistent pursuing of an illusion of approval to bend and morph into numerous forms of oneself in order to please everyone. It's similar to attempting to make your way through a labyrinth of conflicts and concessions, which eventually wears you out and makes you unhappy.

In addition, we have limited time and resources because we are finite beings. We overlook our own wants and interests when we try to please everyone and end up overstretched. If all of our energy is going into attempting to please everyone else around us, we will never be able to sustain true connections or achieve our own goals.

The Advantages of Being Happy to Leave People Out

Less Stress: We free ourselves from the weight of continual validation-seeking when we let go of the drive to satisfy everyone. We welcome the ability to make sincere decisions that are consistent with our goals and values. By doing this, we may focus on what really important and lessen our stress.

Fewer Distractions: We make room for individuals who genuinely support and elevate us by openly rejecting those who do not connect with our values or aspirations. This frees us up to focus on fostering deep connections and pursuing activities that make us happy and fulfilled.

Enhanced Focus: We become more aware of our priorities when we give up on trying to win over everyone. We may focus our time, effort, and finances on projects that support our mission. This increased level of concentration boosts our output and raises our chances of success.

Why Individuals Strive to Win Over Everyone

Deep-seated concerns and social pressures are frequently the root causes of the need to satisfy everyone. We seek validation to protect ourselves from emotions of inadequacy because we fear criticism and rejection. Society also instills in us the value of seeking approval from others and adhering to social norms. As a result, we lose ourselves in a never-ending loop of trying to please others at the expense of our true selves and pleasure.

Recognising Warning Signs That Someone Isn't a Good Fit

Determining who doesn't belong is essential for proud exclusion. The following are warning signs to be aware of:

Misaligned Values: Someone may not be a suitable fit for your life or business if they continuously exhibit values or behaviours that run counter to your own.

Draining Energy: Keep an eye out for persons who constantly make you feel exhausted or low on energy. Having a good and encouraging support system around you is crucial for your personal development and achievement.

Lack of Respect: You should think about cutting someone out of your life if they persistently disregard your boundaries, beliefs, or ideals.

How to Professionally and Gracefully Say "No"

Although it can be difficult, learning to say "no" is a crucial ability for confidently rejecting others. Here are some pointers to help you with this difficult task:

Be Truthful and Generous: Make a respectful and truthful statement about your decision. Respect their viewpoint while adamantly defining your own limits.

Provide Alternatives: If appropriate, make recommendations for different approaches or people or resources that might be more suited to their requirements.

Put the emphasis on Mutual Benefit: Stress that by separating, each party will be able to find a better match that is consistent with their own objectives and moral principles.

Adopting the attitude of proudly excluding individuals has the potential to change one's perspective. Realising that we can never please everyone gives us the freedom to be more true to who we are and create successful enterprises.

Less stress, fewer distractions, and more attention have much more advantages than disadvantages. It's a brave decision that brings to greater fulfilment and personal development. Thus, be brave, establish boundaries, and proudly keep people out of your life who don't share your goals and ideals.

What do you think about this idea? Have you ever reaped the rewards of boldly keeping some people out of your life or business?

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