Greg Soper

January 4, 2024

Welcome, legends of the void

You may have arrived here from my defunct blogs or social media accounts, my Void Legend site, my page, or my credits for the 2024 awards branding - in any case I'm glad to have you here!
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My name is Greg. I'm a product designer by day and a many-hobbied family man by night.

I'm actively working on a new game called Void Legend - it's an over-the-top ttrpg about failed protagonists questing together through "The Bad Ending" to rewrite their story. Heavily inspired by Samurai Jack, the Dark Tower series, and nerdy Hip Hop - just a bunch of early-mid 00's stuff that impacted me quite a bit.

I'm interested in publishing it as a website rather than a book - it's a format that hasn't been explored in the ttrpg space enough, imo! I also just find print design excruciating, as cool as it is 😬.

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Untitled_Artwork 48.png

Greg Soper