Greg Soper

Pinned post from May 29, 2024

New project I'm noodling on - STYX: an underworld odyssey

The recent release of HADES II reminded me of the severe lack of Hades style material for AGON, my favorite TTRPG of all time. I've been working on Void Legend - still very excited about that. But since I'm still coming to grips with a two-child life I need an easier win. All y'all had 3+ years to make the Hades RPG. With some slight t...
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Pinned post from January 4, 2024

Welcome, legends of the void

You may have arrived here from my defunct blogs or social media accounts, my Void Legend site, my page, or my credits for the 2024 awards branding - in any case I'm glad to have you here! My name is Greg. I'm a product designer by day and a many-hobbied family man by night. I'm actively working on a new game called Void Legend ...
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January 7, 2024

Sporg's 2023 Specials

2023 was an incredibly busy and growth filled year for me. Finally getting an ADHD diagnosis and starting medication gave me a really different perspective! Came just in time to better support my partner during her rough first trimester of pregnancy last spring. Nothing like an impending 2nd kid to help one understand the very inflexib...
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April 1, 2021

Beginner’s guide to hacking AGON (Paragon System): Part 1 - Introduction and Basics

After working on a number of playsets for Agon, I want to gather my understanding on designing for the Paragon system to help design future playsets. I hope it helps other designers curious about making their next Paragon playset. About AGON and Playsets AGON is a game about epic Greek heroes contending with the will of the Gods across...
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March 5, 2021

I'm a big blog boy now

I like to write, but the act of maintaining a capital B "BLOG" has always seemed especially daunting. With this "Hey World" service I can simply send an email to have my words appear on a cool minimal site! I'm a silly guy who will probably have thoughts on: • Games and game design in digital and tabletop spaces. I especially like to h...
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