Gurjot Sidhu

May 31, 2021

What's your unfulfill-able desire?

I probably have quite a few unfulfill-able desires, like most people, I guess. But all of them are unfulfill-able in a practical sense, i.e., it is possible to fulfill those desires but it probably comes at a prohibitive cost. For example, I have the desire to abandon my current life trajectory and become a full time security guard. It...
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May 18, 2021

Clarity, do you seek it?

Most times, we seek information or comfort. Either by reading, watching, listening or talking. Often times though, clarity is what we need to seek instead. Staring at a problem for a couple of hours (while listening to music or eating ice cream, of course) - digging at it one way or another, you probably won't be able to solve it but a...
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April 11, 2021

Should you hire an accountant?

Heads up: I don't mean a financial accountant. I have a dozen different projects I would like to work on but I can't seem to see any of them through. Mostly I cannot muster the inspiration to begin the project. If by any luck I do, I surely if not definitely leave it half-done and never take it to its logical conclusion. And then I wat...
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April 5, 2021

Would you like to be electro jogged?

When a sheet of paper comes fresh out of a printer/copier, its ink hasn't completely dried. It contains a lot of static. And is frequently hot to touch. Thus, it is not ideal for post processing. Enter electro-jogger. An electro-jogger or a paper jogger is a device that dries the ink, dissipates the static energy, and removes the heat....
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March 28, 2021

Should you drown in the Ganga?

This one is short and slightly morbid. Or maybe largely morbid. The only reason I am posting it is because the other post is a tricky one and has been lingering in my drafts for ten days. So I want to get one out just to maintain continuity. (Forewarning: I'm not in a morbid state of mind; I am just engaging in a philosophical exercise...
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March 12, 2021

Where is the meadow of no worries?

Today's musings brought to you by Haruki Murakami. “Afterwards I plop myself down on a bench in the plaza next to the station and gaze up at the sunny sky. I'm free. I remind myself. Like the clouds floating across the sky. I'm all by myself, totally free.” Reading these lines in Kafka on the Shore earlier today brought a latent desire...
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March 7, 2021

What is my contribution to society?

Setting the context: I have not been actively engaged in an employment situation for the last 6 weeks. I spend a few hours a week working with my base-employer† and another few hours working on my startup. The rest, however, is spent learning, consuming and idling. Contemporary society, or my worldview within it, has led me to question...
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March 5, 2021

Am I a Digital Gardener now?

I fell for the lure of <firstname>@<emailprovider>. $100 later, here I am, trying to extract value out of the investment by using the built-in newsletter/blog service. For many years I have struggled with the intention of escaping the clutches of ad-monetised 'free' platforms and the reality of running with the crutches of server maint...
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