Henricus Louwhoff

Father and software developer. Love to shoot analogue film, bake and cook. Building apps using Elixir & Phoenix. Experimenting with Elm, Swift, Janet, and Rust.
November 12, 2023

Use the solution to solve the problem, not create them.

I really enjoy reading blog articles from companies where they had a particular technical problem and how they solved it. It’s inspiring how they got to the problem and how creatively they solved it. Sometimes developers (myself included) take these articles and start implementing the solution without having or understanding the proble...
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December 13, 2022

Trying out this blog thing

After trying many blogs, (self)-hosted, custom, static site generators, etc I have settled for "email the web". It's true, setting up a blog is still too hard. I took a stab at hashcode but gave up after filling in so much info and spending way too long figuring out where I could start writing. Maybe it's just me, I do not care for CSS...
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