Ian Mulvany

March 11, 2021

Reducing friction increases throughput.

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Blogging this past week has been really fun. More fun than it’s been for some time. I’ve been blogging on and off in some form on blog platforms since 2006, and even played around with RSS and custom updates on my website back in the early 2000s, but there is always a friction. 

In the past few years I’ve split my blogging between https://partiallyattended.com/ for all my posts, and http://scholarly-comms-product-blog.com/ for industry specific posts, but if you look at the stats over the last year: 

Partially Attended - Personal musings of Ian Mulvany - 6 posts in 2020, 0 posts in 2021. 

ScholCommsProd | ScholCommsProd - 5 posts in 2020, 0 posts in 2021. 

It’s not been the most productive of output. 

With hey as a platform I’ve made 

https://world.hey.com/ian.Mulvany 8 posts in the last week, 9 if you include this post! 

Yeah, ok, the format has been a bit wonky, and what’s up with those hash tags at the top? 

Well the hey platform is super simple and feature free, but that comes with almost no friction, and that makes posting easy, so I’m probably going to keep paying posts out here for a while, and work towards republishing relevant posts on my other blogs by consuming the RSS feed, along with some automation. 

For now I’m going to keep the hash tags in place for when I can push posts over to my other blogs, but rather than worrying about that infrastructure for now, I’m just going to enjoy the writing part for a while. 

I’ll step back a bit from daily posts, but I should be able to get something out at least weekly. 

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