Ian Robinson

December 5, 2022

Switched to using my Blog for Weekly music list and stuff

Hi, I've decided to revert to using my blog as the place to post stuff like my weekly new music list and other interesting stuff. I control it, and it isn't subject to the whim or algorithms of tech companies the way HEY World, Substack, Medium and similar are. Back to the roots of the web and blogs! 

You can subscribe to my blog via RSS. If you want to know more about RSS, give me a shout. It's simple, and there are great apps for reading RSS feeds on Mac and iOS. Probably Windows too, but I'm not an expert there. I will also investigate adding an email subscribe option to the blog software I use. I'll do that if possible.

This week's new music list is at https://canicula.com/wp/new-music-playlist-4th-december-2022/

This change is directly due to the changes at Twitter. I don't want to be in the position again in the future where the changes in a company's management make it an option I don't want to use. I'm posting some of the stuff I used to post to Twitter on Mastodon. It's not owned by a tech company. I'm at https://mastodon.social/@ianRobinson. Here is a good intro to Mastodon https://www.sciencebase.com/science-blog/mastodon-tips-for-n00bs.html

I'm also posting to Instagram. Yes I know it's owned by Meta and how problematic they are, but I'm hoping that anti-trust regulators force Meta to divest Instagram and WhatsApp.  My Instagram account is https://instagram.com/ianfrobinson/.

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Writer, walker, atheist, Apple enthusiast, cinema lover, hobby musician, science junkie, perpetual maths student, cricket fan, chess patzer. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.