Iain K. MacLeod

March 4, 2021

Hey, HEY World

Sometimes we need a new way to do the same old thing.

That sometimes is now and that new thing is HEY.

Pay for email? In this economy? You're already been trading your eyeballs, behaviour, and soul for it—not to mention the bills are long overdue for free social networks. I can't keep handing over my address book and seeing the fundamentals of a democratic society being challenged without trying to make some sort of personal change.

Hi. I'm Iain and you may know me from such vaguely futuristic usernames as boost ventilator or from participating in real and imagined places such as Halifax Locals, the Cape Breton Music Online mailing list, MetaFilter, XOXO, and my other educational and professional endeavours.

I struggle with signing up for too many services and rarely feel I’m in good hands or part of a community, so I don't contribute or participate like I used to. HEY World may change that…let's see!

For starters, below is a list of things I've fully embraced—without getting into a "Wirecutter" level of detail:

I'll update and expand on this as I go, so let me know what you think about any of this or just choose to follow along.

- Iain K.

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