Iain K. MacLeod

April 10, 2022

Thank You Mrs Boyd

In a world before “screen time” and ubiquitous internet were the moral panics of the day (fear mongering was content with stranger danger, cable TV, Dungeons & Dragons, and heavy metal), I was a grade five student at Chebucto Heights Elementary school. I remember “kite day” and skipping rope being big deals, eating hard-ass breadsticks...
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September 10, 2021

Philips CPAP Recall & Class Action

Tired? Got sleep apnea? If so, hear about this? Using a recalled Philips CPAP? You might be interested in this class action. If not, remember you can donate your old, non-recalled machine here.
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March 4, 2021

Hey, HEY World

Sometimes we need a new way to do the sameoldthing. That sometimes is now and that new thing is HEY. Pay for email? In this economy? You're already been trading your eyeballs, behaviour, and soul for it—not to mention the bills are long overdue for free social networks. I can't keep handing over my address book and seeing the fundament...
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