Iain K. MacLeod

November 2, 2023

♪♫ The App for the Bus Can Be Found and Loaded-Down ♫♪

Finally. After many years of realizing how out-of-date our mass transit system is by travelling pretty much everywhere and anywhere else in the world and wondering how much longer our city would continue relying on exact change or increasingly more difficult to find paper tickets and littered transfers, we have entered a new, modern phase.

I did a little back-of-the-napkin math and was able to break down if you commute back and forth to work (full time, on weekdays) here’s a breakdown of the cost per trip using the new Halifax transit app:

$1.90: Monthly Pass ($3.80 per day)
$2.20: 20 Pack Tickets ($4.40 per day)
$2.30: 7 Day Pass ($4.60 per day)
$2.475: 10 Pack Tickets ($4.95 per day)
$2.75: Single Fair ($5.50 per day)
$3.00: 2 Day Pass ($6.00 per day)
$3.50: Day Pass ($7.00 per day)

Passes let you travel more than just your regular commute while tickets are more flexible for non-consecutive days and my averages don’t include vacation, snow-days or sick-days, which also impact your decision on buying a ticket or pass.

In the end, I’m going to be a 20 ticket guy unless I think I will be getting on the bus/ferry more than 37.5 a month.

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