Jason Fried

May 3, 2022

37signals: Hello again

When we launched our company in 1999, we were called 37signals. We started out as a web design firm that ultimately transitioned into a software company. As 37signals, we made a bunch of products over the years including Basecamp, Backpack, Campfire, Highrise, and others. We wrote a number of books, and blogged like crazy too. We were prolific.

Then about 8 years ago in 2014 we decided to go all-in and focus on just one product moving forward. That product was Basecamp, our biggest hit. To eliminate any doubt about our newfound focus, we renamed the entire company from 37signals to Basecamp. We were now Basecamp, the makers of Basecamp.

But then in 2018 we had an itch we couldn't ignore. We had some new ideas for email — a long neglected, but wonderful and essential part of the internet. The last time email had been interesting was back in 2004, when Gmail came out. It was long past time to bring email into the future.

With that, we spent a couple years building HEY. We launched it in early 2020 to massive commercial and critical acclaim. We signed up tens of thousands of paying customers in just a few months, and we had a bonafide hit on our hands. That hit continues.

So now that brings us to today. We aren't a one product company anymore. We're two. Basecamp and HEY. And that itch that HEY scratched is back again. We have more ideas we want to bring to life.

Calling our company Basecamp just doesn't make a lot of sense when we make more than just Basecamp. We're headed back to a different time — one where we invented more, created more, and carved new marks into tired markets. And with that, we need a new name.

Or, rather, an old one.

So let's make it official. Today, May 3, 2022, we're changing our minds and renaming our company again. This time, back to 37signals, our original name. We've always been that company, we just weren't ourselves for a while. Now is new again.

37signals makes Basecamp, 37signals makes HEY, and 37signals will make more products soon, too. We're starting on our next one this year.

We've already begun the organizational transformation to become a more capable company. One that can do many things at once without leaving anything behind. Basecamp will get better while HEY gets better while Product X gets launched and Product Y is conceived. And all will make each better.

Broadly speaking, we're the biggest we've ever been, now with employees in 16 countries on five continents servicing our customers in over 160 countries.

And to christen the renaming of our company back to 37signals, we've relaunched a modern 37signals.com in the spirit of the original. We've always tried to lead with ideas, take principled stands, and remain allergic to conformity and corporate sterility. The new 37signals points our way, today.

We hope you'll join us on this next phase. As a customer, as a fan, or as a critic. Everyone's welcome.

Hello again.


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