Jason Fried

October 19, 2023

Always cheer

I often hear from people writing in asking for advice about some broken team dynamic. Someone's against them, they're against someone, another group doesn't want them to do well because it'll make them look bad. Management this, team that, individual something or another. People want to know how to handle these unfortunate conditions.

With optimism. With positivity. With good faith efforts, always. Bring your best intent, always. Assume it can happen, always. If that doesn't work, alright — but it's still the right way.

You've got to cheer for everyone on your team. For everyone you work with. For everyone you work for. Up until the moment you aren't here, or they aren't there, you've got to want the best for everyone you're with.

Sabotaging, back stabbing, quietly rooting against, setting the traps to prove yourself right at their expense... That's the worst of you, and it's the worst for you.

If you have the power to change the team, change it (don't ignore it). If you only have the power to be on the team, be on it (not against it). If you can only muster the power to leave the team, leave it after you've given it everything you've got.

To be better, you have to make better. Bend positive.


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