Jason Fried

December 30, 2021

Does it make you enjoy?

My friend and I have been discussing cars.

He's thinking of buying his first fancy one.

His dad had one years ago, and he's thought about buying a car like this — like his dad's — for years. He's stressed over it, he's agonized over it, and he's spent a few too many hours thinking about all the reasons why and why not.

This morning he told me he was worried that it wouldn't make him happy.

Of course it won't, I said. But that's the wrong question.

The better question is "Will I enjoy it?"

Making you happy is too high a bar for anything. It's unfair to ask that of anyone or anything — it's something you can really only ask yourself, or bring yourself.

But enjoying something? That's possible! It's very much within reach.

So I said, will you enjoy the car? Could you see yourself enjoying the car? Will you enjoy the drive?

And that's a much easier question to answer. And an expectation that's easier to accept.

Objects (and experiences) don't make you anything, you have to enjoy them.

Enjoying something is plenty.

I think he's going to buy one.

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