Jason Fried

February 20, 2024

Don't delegate your word

As you build your business, you'll end up delegating plenty.

Much of what you did before is now better done by someone else.

To make more progress, you release your grip and allow.

But there’s one thing you should hold tight and never let go. It’s the thing that should never be delegated.

It’s your voice.

Speak for yourself. Don’t let anyone speak for you. Don’t have someone else Tweet on your behalf. Or write posts under your name. Or take your calls. Or read or respond to your emails.

No assistant. No replacement. No simulation.

How can you take someone at their word when it's not their word?

The moment it’s not you to someone on the other end, you’ve lost something you’ll never get back. If they write you, and they don’t get you back, you’ve gone wrong.

Yes it’s more work. But it’s your work, and your obligation. You = you is the equation to solve.

Don’t outgrow that.


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